In the past few years, Instagram has become the new fashion platform. If you want to get an outfit inspiration, just write #ootd in the search, and you’ll find millions of users who have posted their outfit of the day. But who’s better than celebrities to inspire your style? Right? For that, I gathered 20 Arab TV presenters with very stylish Instagram accounts. Start following right away!

1.  Anabella Hilal (@annabellahilal)

Anabella Hilal is the famous TV presenter and host of Arab Idol. She's not only pretty, but also her style is very unique. It varies between edgy and feminine, and either way we admire her unconventional outfits.

2.  Aimee Sayah (@aimeesayah)

Aimee Sayah is the host of The Voice and The Voice Kids; she’s a classic Arab beauty. With her long dark hair and strong features, she doesn’t need anything more than a cool laid-back outfit or a classic dress to show that beauty. The best description to Aimee’s style is effortless.

3.  Carla Haddad (@carlahadadofficial)

Carla Hadad is the host of the most energetic TV show, 'Dancing with the Stars.' With her very fit figure and on point style, Carla Hadad is definitely an inspiration to her audience.

4.  Daniella Rahme (@daniellarahme)

Daniella Rahme is the host of 'The X Factor' TV show. Her fashion sense is what we call 'very chic.' Whether she’s hosting the show or out and about, she’s always looking chic. Take a look at her Instagram account and get inspired.

5.  Dima Sadek (@dimdomdom1)

Dima Sadek is the serious TV host you see on the Lebanese political shows and news, but she also has a seriously sexy side that not many know about. Dima loves wearing feminine dresses, and certainly knows how to rock a bold makeup look.

6.  Hilda Khalife (@hildakhalife)

We’ve known her for a long time as the host of Star Academy Arabia. Hilda Khalife was the first host to be a real style star before social media took over. People literally waited to see her looks and outfits every Friday night. She’s still a fashion sensation, and we still wait for her every Friday night to see her fashionable picks.

7.  Jessica Azar (@jessicaazaroffical)

Jessica Azar is the beautiful news anchor you see on TV every day, and you probably wondered every time about her style. Well, her Instagram account got the answers! Even when Jessica is off duty, her style is still on point


8.  Nardine Farag (@nardineffarag)

Nardine Farag is the presenter of 'ET Bil Arabi' on MBC 4, and she also hosts 'Arabs Got Talent Extra.' Nardine’s style is best described as chic. Her style is effortless and very easy to copy, but can we look as good as she looks? We can try.


9.  Ola Al-Fares (@lolaalfares)

Ola Al-Fares is a presenter on MBC 1. She’s an elegant lady, with a very interesting style. Her long dark hair gives her a very original and Arabic look, making her stand out among other TV personalities.

10. Raya Abirached (@rayaofficial)

Raya Abirached has been on the scene for a long time, and she’s one of the leading hosts with her entertainment-news program 'Scoop with Raya.' She’s also the host of 'Arabs Got Talent.' Raya is a simple woman, but even her simple style is far from boring. There’s always a twist that makes things very interesting and beautiful.

11.  Samar (@samaryousry23)

Samar Yousry is best known for her famous show 'Samar Wal-Rigal,' which first aired a few years ago during Ramadan. Samar comes back every year with a new haircut, and a completely new look. Only one word can describe her style, it's fierce.

12.  Wafaa El-Kilany (@elkilanywafaa)

Wafaa El-Kilany is the famous TV host that likes to turn up the heat with every celebrity she meets. She’s not afraid of asking anything and only a few celebrities can stand sitting on the chair opposite to hers. Her style, like her, is very strong and describes the fierce and feminine woman she is.

13.  Diala Makki (@dialamakki)

Diala Makki is a TV personality, producer and writer. Diala’s Instagram is her style diary; at first look you’ll think you’re on a model’s account, but then you check again, it's Diala’s. Her style is so fresh, and she always looks runway ready. 

14.  Aline Watfa (@alinewatfa)

Aline Watfa presents 'Style' TV show on MBC 1. If you missed an episode, don't worry, just open her Instagram and it’s not any less style-inspiring than the show.

15.  Graziella Kamel (@graziellakamel)

Graziella Kamel is the presenter and writer of 'That's Entertainment' show on Dubai TV. She's also a MC, and a voice over talent. She's surely multi-talented, and her personal style is the cherry on top. Her fashion picks are mostly eclectic, and that's why you should follow her.

16.  Joelle Mardinian (@joellembc1)

Joelle Mardinian is one of the very first Arab TV presenters that dedicated a whole show to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She has been inspiring millions of Arab women throughout the past years. She never fails to wow us with her feminine yet funky style.

17.  Sandy Farah Hakim (@sandyfarahhakim)

Sandy Farah Hakim is the presenter of 'Catwalk' on LBC. She's one of the luckiest girls to present a show that only talks about fashion, and she doesn’t just talk about it, she always looks quite ready to attend a fashion show. Her style is very girly, yet fun. Definitely a must follow.

18.  Lojain Omran (@lojain_omran)

Lojain Omran is the presenter of the famous morning show on MBC 1, 'Good Morning Arabs.' Lojain’s style is best described as bold. She’s a strong and confident woman, and her style speaks that very much.

19. Howayda Abou-Heif (@howayda_abouheif)

I’ve been watching Howayda Abou-Heif’s TV show, 'Green Apple' for a long time now, and let me just say how inspirational this woman is. She doesn’t only encourage a healthy lifestyle, but also she applies it too. And if that’s not enough, then you should check her simple yet very chic style.

20. Carine Salameh Shalhoub (@carinesalameh)

Carine Salameh is one of the very famous TV personalities, who's been on Future TV Lebanon for ages now. She's known for her blonde locks, and her style is always feminine with a touch of glamour.