I’m pretty sure Selena Gomez has looked picture perfect more than 30 times, but I've decided to collect her best street style outfits, and share them with you. Selena Gomez's street style will not only inspire you to dress fabulously every day, but also you'll want to adopt her very sleek and polished look.

Apparently, Selena Gomez likes to wear black outfits a lot, and the dark color suits her so well. Anyhow, she also looks amazing when she decides to wear white or colorful looks. Recently, Selena Gomez's street style consisted of wearing lots of high-slit dresses; the outcome is always flawless with just the right amount of sexy vibes.

From very chic outfits to casual and laid-back looks, Selena Gomez was able to look picture perfect in every street style look she recently wore. Scroll down and get ready to meet one of our newest style icons.