When you come across the name Joelle Mardinian, what do you think of? Makeup expert and TV presenter of the Joelle Show? Well, there is more to Joelle Mardinian than just a TV figure, she is a woman with a trendy and very unique style. Joelle Mardinian is never afraid to try out new fashion trends in the smartest ways, as she knows exactly what works for her and what doesn't. Joelle Mardinian loves experimenting with various styles and looks, which surprises us often (in a good way!); she can go from casual to evening wear within one day. If there is one thing to admire about Joelle Mardinian's look, then it's definitely her genuine smile, which is by far a woman's best accessory. Here are a few pictures of Joelle Mardinian's unique and trendy style.

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