Raya Abirached is among the few Arab celebrities who have an impeccable style. She knows very well that being fashionable doesn't necessarily mean going over the top with her outfit choices. Raya Abirached has a classic yet eclectic style, she sticks to the basics, but always knows how to add a modern touch to her look. With her, less is more! Raya Abirached does elegance her own way, and we personally see her as a great role model for Arab women, as she's very natural and never overdoes it. Another thing we love about her style, is the fact that she uses basics in some of her outfits. Lots of women can relate to that, and almost everyone would be able to look at Raya's outfits and find something in their closet to put together a Raya Abirached inspired look. We've spotted Raya Abirached several times in figure hugging and flattering outfits such as glamorous evening dresses, skirts, and cocktail dresses, where she perfectly implemented color-blocking. Did we mention that her minimalistic makeup is great? If we had to describe Raya Abirached's personality from her fashion choices and personal style, we would say, she's a very fun, natural, outgoing and a down to earth person.