Balqees Fathi, the young Arab singer, is certainly one to watch out for. From her beautiful voice to her chic style, you can't help but notice Balqees Fathi. I've recently followed the young star on Instagram, where I got a glimpse of her everyday life, some behind the scenes and most importantly, her fashionable looks. So, I decided that I should share with you Balqees Fathi's lastest looks.

You could notice that Balqees Fathi loves to make a statement with her outfits, by choosing fashion-forward looks. She's definitely not afraid to take fashion risks, and that's evident from her bold picks. For example, her eccentric white suit designed by Elio Abou Fayssal, or her monochrome Fouad Sarkis gown. Another thing about Balqees Fathi's style, is that she loves to finish off her looks with jewelry, and she knows how to perfectly complement each look with the right pieces.

Now scroll down, and take a look at Balqees Fathi's latest fashionable looks.