Okay, so the VMA'S is all what every social media has been talking about in the past 12 hours, and for good reason. Personally I think it was due to Miley's raunchy performance, but we'll be talking about that later, a topic like that deserves its very own special feature. Moving on, believe it or not the VMAs was full of other stars, some looking fabulous while others surpassed overboard limit, lucky them Miley took away most of the embarrassment. Let's get started…

Best Dressed List:

Rita Ora may not have performed at the VMAs, but she still managed to wow the crowd with her gorgeous Alex Vauthier dress. The long sleeved gown was the perfect combination of showy but tasteful, the baby blue color looked fabulous with her short blonde bob haircut. However, what left us and the crowd for sure in awe, was the feathery train that fit perfectly on the red carpet. 

Taylor Swift or should I say Marilyn Monroe. Doesn't she look like a young vivacious Marilyn? Hitting the red carpet in a navy blue Herve Leger bandage dress. The dress hugged every curve in her body, normally this could lead to a fashion faux pas as it is quite risky, yet Taylor Swift's body was the perfect accessory to this dress. Her hair was magnificent, and she accessorized in just the right amount. I am in awe of Taylor Swift at the VMAs.

Selena Gomez, you know what they say, best friends always dress alike. Okay, no they don't necessarily say that, but that night they did. Selena Gomez was just as stunning as Taylor Swift in a sexy Versace dress on the red carpet. There is a lot of controversy about the slit of her dress, and how it looks like it got ripped just before walking the red carpet. However, her legs were sexy enough for the opening, and her see-through corset was edgy enough for her style. She walked proudly and confidently, in a very artistic dress. 

Sexy legs seemed to be the theme at the VMAs and Shailene Woodley was no exception in her Pucci ensemble. Showing off her toned abs in a cropped black top and a dazzling blue embellished skirt. The actresss looked like a fresh faced bombshell on the red carpet. 

Worst Dressed List:

Lil Kim, sure she has been known for wearing the unthinkable embracing her weirdness, but I thought after a few years Lil Kim would stop with the crazy. Turns out, this was a wrong though, she played a little game of peak-a-boo with her leather Anthony Latimore bodysuit. The feathers were unnecessary, and the cleavage was not tasteful at all, c'mon Lil Kim, Daft Punk looked more stylish than you.

Katy Perry, it's August, so thats a no no to the turtle neck. The animal inspired Emanuel Unagro may seem nice on the runway, but it wasn't suitable for you or the month. Sure, she was trying to promote her new song, 'Roar', but the teeth just don't go with her colorful perky style. Sorry Katy, stick to the cotton candy and lollipop outfit, leopard really isn't your style. 

Ashanti decided to wrap her bed sheets around her body, tied it in the most revealing manner and hit the red carpet. Sure, it can be argued that she was going for a greek styled gown, but I stand by my words. Rolling around in a green bed sheet is not a way to prepare for the VMA'S.

Iggy Azalea looks like a lemon, am I right? The Emilio Pucci dress, her hair, even her skin all look lemon. I am not quite sure if that is her real skin tone, or just really bad bronzing, suffice to say, never ever wear a yellow dress if your skin tone is lemony. You know what the biggest problem is, her dress was see through, come on woman, clash the colors a bit.