It's always interesting to see what choices celebrities and their stylists have made for their red carpet looks, and that was certainly the case with the 70th Golden Globe Awards which took place yesterday. I promise to keep it short and sweet, and below is my list of Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities during the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.

Best Dressed Celebrities at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards:

1. Sofia Vergera in Michael Cinco: I must admit she mostly has a good taste, except for a few slips every now and then, but this dress is stunning. Though black but sparkly, not boring at all and highlights her figure perfectly, so that's certainly a recipe for a brilliant look.

2. Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta: This couldn't get any better, mainly because they're both amazing! This woman knows what looks good on her and sticks to it without being boring in any way. The tangerine gown by Oscar de la Renta along with the Harry Winston necklace were a red carpet hit.

3. Heidi Klum in Alexandre Vaulthier: White, very elegant, a sexy slit and embellished with gold, there's nothing else I need to say here!

4. Julianne Hough in Monique Lhuillier: Another big hit on the red carpet was her dress. Princess-like with many fine details. Stunning! I personally wouldn't mind wearing it as my wedding dress. See? That's how well she scored on my best dressed list for the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.

5. Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen: Lately I've been a sucker for combining black and gold together and especially when it has that brocade feel to it. So it doesn't come as a surprise that Kate Hudson's choice for the 2013 Golden Globe Awards was among my favorite and best dressed for that night. 


Worst Dressed Celebrities at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards:

1. Julianna Marguiles in Emilio Pucci: Though I've always been a big fan of Emilio Pucci's designs, but this dress wasn't such a good idea I must say. There's just too much going on in regards to details, even though it all revolves around one color.

2. Alyssa Milano: Let me start off by saying that this dress was a shocker for me! First things first, the color isn't flattering her, and I'm sure it rarely flatters anyone, not to mention the design, which is something anyone can easily come up with. Lastly, let me just point out, that one does not go to a red carpet event without having her dress ironed properly, or at least it looks like it wasn't!

3. Tina Fay in L'Wren Scott: I'm not a fan of the pattern and the dress lacks creativity, it kind of looks like something you can pick up from a mall for a prom. Except that even for a prom dress it's also boring, it's neither a maxi nor midi, it's somewhere in between. Doesn't flatter her, as it only adds a few extra years to her age.

4. Sienna Miller in Erdem: Not sure if the word tacky is the one that describes best what Sienna Miller wore during the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, but it's certainly the first that came to my mind when I saw what she chose to appear in. Why oh why Sienna, I usually love the fashion choices you make!

5. Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera: No the dress isn't hideous, in fact it's lovely and has an english teacup pattern mixed with a fairytale inspiration, which I like. But the 2013 Golden Globes are most certainly not the place to be seen in such a gown. Though I must salute her for the risk she took.