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| by Nada Allam

DOs and DON'Ts: Age is Just a Number

 Kerry Washington

When you look at Kerry Washington in the floral and dot style dress from Brood what do you see? Personally I see, a mum from the suburbs in her mid 30s attending a school bake sale. She is probably the woman saying, "Here have a cookie dear." My point is, before this dress, I thought Kerry Washington was in her late 20s from the way she carried herself in her edgy looks. Don't go for mixed prints in a dress, and more importantly don't go for a flared long dress. If you do love flared dresses make sure it is short, to show off your toned physique.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

When you look at Sarah Michelle Gellar in this rose gold peplum dress, paired with Stuart Weitzman pumps, what do you see? I see a 22 year old gorgeous girl, not a 36 year old mum with two kids. Do go for peplums, as it seems to be a lasting trend. Do go for metallic shoes, and a dress that shows off your body. As you can see, Sarah went for a dress above the knee making her look much younger than she really is. 

Age is just a number, however at the end of the day, what you wear and how you carry yourself does have some input in your age. For example combining floral and polka dot prints is a grandma move, metallic and peplums is a young edgy fashionista.

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