Jennifer Lopez just released her newest music video, 'Ain’t Your Mama,' and it’s already making headlines for so many reasons. In fact, you must see every single look from Jennifer Lopez's new music video, 'Ain't Your Mama,' and you'll know why.

The diva (aka Jennifer Lopez), has proved to us one more time that she can literally pull off any look or style she chooses. In her new music video, 'Ain’t Your Mama,' Jennifer Lopez is seen portraying different women from different social classes, from the housewife to the dolled up woman. She even looked fierce and sexy as a factory worker!

But have you noticed her thigh-high denim boots at the end? Jennifer Lopez was actually sporting Rihanna’s new boots from her Manolo Blahnik's latest collectionThe music video is all about women empowerment, and wearing Rihanna’s new boots in her new music video is a message about strong women building up each other. Way to go Jen, you totally looked gorgeous.

Watch the video right here, and then scroll down to see a close up of Jennifer Lopez's outfits from 'Ain't Your Mama.'