Hend Sabry is often spotted wearing creations by Arab designers and that says a lot about her personal style. Like what? For example that she appreciates unique pieces and knows that a distinct style never means going from head-to-toe for internationally recognized brands, but rather unique oriental inspired pieces with a story.

This time, Hend Sabry chose a colorful and very chic jacket by Mochi; a bright catchy shade, tribal print and mirror embellishments. If you ever wondered what effortlessly chic is, then this outfit Hend Sabry wore just gave you the answer you're looking for. She matched with her Mochi jacket dark red heels by aennis eunis, a brand known for its attention to detail and impeccable footwear, in addition to a black bag with fringes by Lanvin. 

Are you willing to give printed jackets a try? We definitely think they're a wardrobe staple.