An ongoing trend lately has been cuffing the jeans, and it is a trend I am extremely happy about. Being the short person that I am, finding a pair of jeans that are length adequate for me is quite hard, therefore cuffing my jeans is my go-to look, and I have got to say, even if the jeans are exactly my size, I still cuff them. There is something about cuffing your jeans that gives your look a nice twist. You can pair your cuffed jeans with absolutely anything, from wedge sneakers, to elegant pumps.

Cuffing your jeans is no longer a casual statement, the awesome thing about this trend is you can make it to work with whatever type of look you're trying to pull off. Of course the stylish celebrities do it best, so who better to inspire you to cuff your jeans on your next outfit. Just make sure to choose the height and width of the cuff that suits you and your body perfectly.

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