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How to Dress Like Meghan Markle, without Breaking the Bank!

Zeinab El-Fiqi
12/11/17, 12:00 AM

Since Suits' famous actress, Meghan Markle, got engaged to Prince Harry of Wales, every girl on the planet became obsessed with her. Girls actually look up to her, because besides being an actress and a future duchess, she's also a successful and accomplished woman. So, no wonder many of you would love to copy her Meghan Markle's style.

With a little bit of window shopping and internet research, I was able to find pieces that look close to what Meghan Markle has been wearing lately when seen with her prince charming, Prince Harry.  

Meghan Markle's style 

Items from left to right:

- Coat: DKNY

- Turtleneck sweater: Zara

- Boots: Topshop

- Skirt: Debenhams

Meghan Markle's style                   Items from left to right:

- Dress: Mango

- Coat: Lipsy London


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Zeinab El-Fiqi

Since she was a little girl, Zeinab El-Fiqi enjoyed listening to music while she sat down on the floor to write short stories. She always found writing a way to express herself. Growing up, she always...

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