Let's cut to the chase, these red carpet events are all about dressing up and making fashion statements. Like all other events, there has to be a best and worst dressed list. However I must say that composing the list for the Met Gala 2013 was quite easy and fast. That's good for the best dressed, but for the worst… Well let's just begin with the best dressed.

1. When I first saw Sarah Jessica Parker make her appearance on to the red carpet it was quite clear, Carrie Bradshaw was in the house. She wore a fabulous gown by Giles Deacon, but it was her killer Mohawk headpiece by Phillip Treacy that really wowed us.

2. Moving on to a couple of Victoria's Secret models, Gisele Bundchen and Cara Delevigne that embraced the punk theme and looked quite stunning. Gisele wore a black edgy dress by Anthony Vaccarello, and even threw up some hand signs to embrace the night's theme.

3. Cara Delevingne had a stunning take on the punk trend in her studded column gown by Burberry. The gold studs and her layered necklaces formed the perfect ensemble for punk meets couture.

4. Moving on to Mrs. Reynolds, Blake Lively made her red carpet return in an elaborate gown. Being the new face for Gucci fragrance, she wore a Gucci baby blue dress with a dramatic train and metallic embellishment giving the elegant gown a touch of punk.

5. Kate Bosworth gave us a refreshing taste on punk with her red Balmain dress. The thick gold belt gave the dress that extra va va voom in her glam rock look.

As for the celebrities that took the inspiring theme a tad too overboard, well a picture is worth a thousand words...

1. Starting off at the very top of the worst dressed list is Kim Kardashian. First of all, nothing about her 'too' tight floral Givenchy dress screams punk. It seemed like she was trying to go for a camouflaged look, with the glove sleeves, however due to her pregnancy I think we couldn't help but notice her floral disaster.

2. Moving on to Kristen Stewart in her red 'pantsuit'. However, the Stella McCartney pantsuit only reminded me of the frumpy 'Queen of Hearts' from 'Alice in Wonderland'. What was missing was her golden trumpet and furry boots.

3. Ashley Olsen, or as I like to call her the ghost of the Gala. She was wearing a sheer orange sparkly dress, spreading her arms wide open, and she seemed like she was trying to show us the magical wonders of her dress. If only you flew Ashley, perhaps your vintage dress would have made it on to another list.

4. Jessica Biel's dress can actually be used for fishing. Throw that Giambattista Valli in the sea for an hour or so, and I guarantee you will have caught yourself some dinner. Thing is, she actually looked quite pretty with her subtle makeup and sleek ponytail, however once I saw the fish net I had to add her to the list.

5. Miley Cyrus, where do I begin? Do you know your hair can actually be labeled as health hazard? There were no injuries reported, but I am willing to bet you poked someone in the eye. As for the Marc Jacobs long- sleeve netted gown, well let's just say if she hung out with Jessica Biel they would have caught a lot of fish.