With the 2015 Oscars right around the corner, we thought we should take a trip down memory lane and take a look at the dresses the nominees for the 2015 Oscars wore on their previous red carpet appearancesIf you look closely you will notice that the gorgeous ladies and their red carpet fashion choices had a certain trend over the years. Take for example Reese Witherspoon on the red carpet, she always seemed to go for tight figure hugging dresses that accentuated her curves, however she mostly chose bold colors. 

Believe it or not Keira Knightley actually wore some great dresses over the years while making her red carpet appearances. So let's keep our fingers crossed and hope she makes a great fashion choice at the 2015 Oscars. 

From Meryl Streep to Julianne Moore, take a look at what these hot shot 2015 Oscars nominees wore on the red carpet.