Salma Abu Deif has a face that's probably familiar to many of you. She's a young successful Egyptian model, and she just made her acting debut this Ramadan 2017. If you're watching Halawat Al-Dounia series, then you've certainly seen her starring as Hend Sabri's younger sister. What a great start!

Salma Abu Deif's role in Halawat Al-Dounia is about a millennial girl with a casual-cool style, who's trying to make the most of her life; exploring career choices and love interests. I thought that many girls could relate to Salma Abu Deif's oufits from Halawat Al-Dounia series, so I gathered her best looks to inspire you.

Do you like denim, chokers and checkered shirts? Just scroll through to get outfit ideas from Salma Abu Deif's casual-cool looks in Halawat Al-Dounia.