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Six Fashion Tips for Women Over 50 Inspired by Kris Jenner

Zeina Tawfik
3/3/16, 12:00 AM

Who said that fashion is only for the young? In fact, you can be stylish at every age; it's a widely known fact, that as you grow older, you develop a much better sense of style, and you start to know what you like and dislike. To prove my point, just take a look at Kris Jenner's style. Did you know that she is over 50? However, Kris Jenner manages to be a style icon, with refreshing and chic outfits that (most of the time!) fit her age. Here are six fashion tips for women over 50, inspired by Kris Jenner.

1. Don't be afraid of statement accessories.
When your outfit is very basic and simple, go for statement accessories. A large pair of earrings or statement sunglasses, can add just the needed touch of boldness for your look.

2. Layer cardigans over sleeveless dresses.
When you're over 50, the look of layered cardigans over sleeveless dresses will be perfect for you. Why? If your arms are flabby, that way, you can wear your favorite dress, while having your arms covered in style. 

3. The shift dress is your new best friend.
Shift dresses work for a wide range of body types, so they're always a safe choice. For women over 50, the shift dress is a great pick, because it will give them a feminine appeal without being too revealing.

4. Keep your evening wear classy, with a chic twist.
Another fashion tip for women over 50, that you can follow from Kris Jenner, is to keep your evening wear interesting. Just because you're over 50, doesn't mean you have to go for boring dresses and gowns. The golden tip you need to have in mind, is to keep your choices classy. Don't over-do it with sequins or high-slits. Less is better.

5. The secret formula to master casual outfits.
A timeless casual outfit that can never go out of style, is wearing your favorite jeans and shirt. This classic combo will always be in style, and when you're over 50, you can spice it up by wearing your favorite handbag and shoes. If you're tempted to try the ripped jeans look, make sure it's not overdone, a few rips here and there are more than enough. 

6. Follow trends, but do it in a subtle way.
You can follow trends at any age, however, you should avoid looking like you borrowed your outfit from your children! The only fashion tip for women over 50, when it comes to seasonal trends, it to be very careful. For example, crop tops might not be a very good idea. Get the point?

Now click through and check out some of Kris Jenner's best street style moments, to inspire all women over 50.


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