Everyone's excited about the 2014 Oscars, not only to check out the best dressed ladies, but also to spot who would make it to the worst dressed celebrities list at the red carpet of the Oscars 2014.

Lady Gaga if you were going for a futuristic look with that Versace gown, then that's the impression you left on us, but let's just say words cannot even begin to express how ugly it is.
Idina Menzel in Vera Wang! Yes the color is stunning, but the amount of messiness in that dress hurts the eyes. It's all over the place!
Julia Roberts, we love that smile of yours, but totally dislike the Givenchy dress you're wearing. It has an "evil witch" element to it, which is so not you!
Anne Hathaway's Gucci dress was a disappointment. First off, it has a very similar cut to the dress she wore last year, and let's just say it doesn't flatter her body shape at all. Anne we expect more from you!
Sally Hawkins looks like she's wearing some chic curtain, but most certainly not a dress she should be spotted in during the 2014 Oscars.
Anna Kendrick's look in the J. Mendel dress she's wearing is very cheap. Creativity at its worst we must say!
Seems like Liza Minnelli was short on time and decided to make an appearance in her blue PJs. Not a beautiful sight at all.
What is Kristin Chenoweth thinking? The upper part of the Roberto Cavalli dress isn't that bad, but seriously the lower one looks like a mermaid tail gone wrong!

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