Listen up ladies, we're throwing it all the way back to the Sex and the City days and reminiscing about the top 10 Carrie Bradshaw looks. From her classic tutu look to the statement Dior t-shirt, it is just too hard to pick one favorite. So, without further a due, here is a look at our favorite top 10 Carrie Bradshaw looks. 

1. A Tutu and a Lilac Top

Carrie Bradshaw's famous tutu that was worth only five dollars has practically become her signature look. Walking through the streets of NYC in a tutu is definitely on our list of top 10 Carrie Bradshaw looks. 

2. Versace Gown

Waiting for her French boyfriend Petrovsky, Carrie Bradshaw sat on the couch in the gorgeous green chiffon Versace gown. She was a royal vision in green.

3. The Newspaper Dress

Carrie Bradshaw knew how to pull off the backless John Galliano for Christian Dior. Only SHE can make a newspaper dress look good, especially with Christain Dior encircling her waist.

4. Red & White Peplum

Carrie Bradshaw was known for pairing up the impossible and look stunning. Sporting a red and white peplum dress, teaming it up with a Fendi clutch and striped strappy sandals.

5. A Plaid Shirt

Who would have thought a simple plaid shirt would look that good? One of our favorite Carrie Bardshaw looks is when she sported a colorful knotted plaid shirt with cropped jeans. Of course it wouldn't be Carrie without a pair of sparkly shoes, even if she was just on her way to meet her gals for breakfast.

6. The White Dress and the Sparkly Shoes

Carrie Bradshaw presented quite the introduction in her second movie sporting a Halston Heritage dress. However the highlight of this outfit was her golden Christian Louboutin, ending with the perfect amount of sparkle.

7. Sparkly Purple

Carrie Bradshaw appeared in quite a few Halston Heritage dresses, her purple pleated dress was stunning. She went bold pairing it up with yellow Christian Louboutin pumps and a red Louboutin bag. Not to mention her white clover necklace.

8. The Dior T-shirt

Carrie Bradshaw brought some style to the Abu Dhabi souk, sporting a statement black Dior t-shirt and the purple Zac Posen ball gown skirt, making it on to our list of top 10 Carrie Bradshaw looks from Sex and the City.

9. The Pouf Skirt

As we've seen in many of her outfits, Carrie is all about the pouf. Here she dolls on a Dolce and Gabbana cocktail dress with a fur wrap as she attends a fashion show.

10. Oh Oscar!

Our list of top 10 Carrie Bradshaw looks would not be complete without an Oscar de la Renta pieceAs the series came to an end, Carrie looked absolutely adorable in this pink Oscar De La Renta and silver heels.