The maxi skirt is a must-have item for any hijabi girl. It is a piece of clothing that was and continues to be popular this season. So, if you're thinking about wearing one, give it a shot because it will give you a very elegant look, just like all the chic hijabi bloggers we see on Instagram. So, if you're wondering how to wear it or where to get one, you've come to the right place. Hijabis, Here are more than 40 ways to style a maxi skirt.


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How to Wear a Loose Maxi Skirt?


Hijab maxi skirt outfits

When styling a loose-fit skirt, you want to create a balance between your upper and lower body parts. You can achieve this by wearing a tight top or something that fits you well. Another lovely option is to pair your loose skirt with a shirt or blouse and add a belt to accentuate your beautiful waist. This look is suitable for both morning and evening outings. For a more modest look, pair your skirt with a loose-fitting top or shirt; however, make sure to layer correctly.

Choose a Neutral-colored Skirt


Hijab maxi skirt outfits

If you want to wear a neutral-colored skirt, you have two options: the first is to style it for a modern casual look, and the second is to style it for a chic classic look. For example, I recommend that you try on a shirt with a pleated maxi skirt and sneakers like Dalal Al-Doub in the morning. For an elegant afternoon look, pair a straight-cut maxi skirt with a pullover, trench coat, and midi boots. 



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Style Your Maxi Skirt With Jackets and Coats for a Chic Look


Hijab maxi skirt outfits

If you want to go for a more formal look, wear a blazer with a skirt that fits you well and gives you a nice chic look. A tip to remember when choosing the length of the jacket: short jackets that end at the bottom of the waist work well with a loose skirt, whereas slightly longer jackets work well with a tight skirt. Remember that you can break the rules by wearing a long cardigan with a loose-fitting skirt, but only if you're wearing a fitted top. 

How Do You Wear a Bright Maxi Skirt?


Hijab maxi skirt outfits

If you want to stand out from the crowd, don't settle for neutral skirts like black, beige, and white. Instead, choose bright colors. Wear them boldly in the winter, as fashion bloggers do. The more vibrant and bright colors you use together, the more vibrant and youthful you will appear. 


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How To Wear a Straight-cut Maxi Skirt?


Hijab maxi skirt outfits

Some hijabi girls may struggle to wear a straight-cut maxi skirt. To make your life easier, pair it with a loose or tight top, which is a great idea; just choose something that flatters your body shape. 

Have You Tried Pairing Your Maxi Skirt With a One-of-A-kind Shirt or Blouse?


Hijab maxi skirt outfits

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Remember that you always want to create balance in your look, so choose a shirt or blouse that will work well with a maxi skirt. Balance is very important if you have a rectangle or pear body shape; for the rectangle body shape, go for things that accentuate your waist; for the pear body shape, go for something with ruffles to create the balance with the maxi skirt. Keep the top area simple for an inverted triangle body shape and let the maxi skirt create a nice balance.



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Do You Want To Try Something New? Wear Your Maxi Skirt With a Sports Jacket


Hijab maxi skirt outfits

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Styling a sports jacket with your regular casual outfits is a trend that isn't going away because it's so popular this season. I like how the designs are inspired by the 70s and 80s. So, if you're wondering whether you should go for such an outfit, the answer is always yes! Wear your maxi skirt with a sports jacket and sneakers for a completely casual look. For a nice feminine look, choose a satin skirt with a touch of elegance and a nice ballerina for the shoes.

Wear a Sweater With Your Skirt for Maximum Warmth


Hijab maxi skirt outfits

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Pullovers and sweaters are essentials during the winter and fall seasons, but some girls find it difficult to wear them with maxi skirts because the sweater may be too bulky to style with a skirt.



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So here are three solutions to this problem:

  1.  Either buy a sweater that is a little shorter so you don't have to tuck it inside the skirt.
  2. Choose a sweater with a light woolen fabric that is not too thick.
  3. This is a simple trick that can be done with a light pullover. Wear a belt and tuck the other half of the pullover into the belt to give the impression that you tucked the pullover into the skirt.

A White Shirt Is a Must-have, and Here’s How To Wear It With a Maxi Skirt


Hijab maxi skirt outfits

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Of course, you've seen many ways to style a white shirt, but some people are still unsure how to wear it with a maxi skirt because most of the designs in stores are so varied that it's difficult to figure out how to wear it! So I decided to show you the two simplest and most straightforward ways to wear a white shirt with a maxi skirt.

For a casual look: Get a white shirt, tie a front knot, and put on sneakers for a more casual look. Maintain a simple aesthetic with your accessories. This is a great casual look for a morning outing with the girls.

For a smart casual look: Tuck your white shirt into the maxi skirt and add a belt to define the waist; for shoes, choose nice high heels.

Many hijabi gurls wonder, "Where do you find a nice maxi skirt made of the best material?"

Here is a list of stores where you can find high-quality maxi skirts…

The bottom line in styling a maxi skirt is to take a chance because fashion is all about taking chances and making bold choices, which is exactly what you want. Remember that a maxi skirt should be treated as if it were a pair of pants; it goes with everything, but the most important thing is to strike a good balance with your body shape.null