Dresses are always fashionable, no matter the season. Season to season, the designs and cuts, as well as the quality of the fabric used to make the dresses, change. Velvet dresses, for example, are rarely seen in the summer. We see more colorful and floral dress prints in the summer than in the winter and fall.

I've decided to show you some options for hijab summer dresses trends in 2021, as well as how to style them, because every Hijabi needs a good summer dress in her wardrobe…

The Latest Summer Sandal Trends in 2021 and Where to Shop for Them

1. Puff-sleeve dresses

Hijab summer dresses trends

Image credits: Abayology

The simplicity of puffed sleeves dresses makes them ideal for casual outings, and the elegance of the sleeves, which are inspired by the Victorian era, gives them a sense of elegance. Puffed sleeves are also great for dates or a night out with friends.

Hijab summer dresses trends

Image credits: Instagram @roua_almawally

Whether it's a turban or a loose hijab, go for an elegant look. Pair the puffed sleeves dress with sneakers and a medium-sized bag for a morning look, and a small heeled sandals with an statement bag for a night look.

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2. Tiered dresses

Hijab summer dresses trends

Image credits: Instagram @ranim.alrifai

The tiered dress is characterized by its multiple overlapping layers. They come in a different length and create a variety of hemlines. They could be similar to the puffed sleeved dress, but the sleeves are sometimes flared instead of puffy. The tiered dress is ideal for women with broad shoulders.

A tiered dress is a must-have in your closet; it's simple to wear and can be styled in a variety of ways. It can be worn with or without a belt. It will look great with trending heeled sandals.

Check out this video to learn three different ways to style a tiered dress…

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3. Dresses made of chiffon and silk for special occasions

Hijab summer dresses trends

Image credits: Instagram @withloveleena

Summer is when most happy occasions, such as weddings and engagements, take place, especially from July to September. On such occasions, women go for chiffon or silk dresses.They are widely used materials for these types of gowns.

As a fashion stylist, I recommend sticking to simple designs and styles for morning events and poofy, Statement designs for evening events. Also, try to match the color of the shoes and hijab to the color of the dress as closely as possible, or use neutral colors like black or nudes that are very easy to style. 

These are some of my favorite designs inspired by fashion bloggers...

Hijab summer dresses trends

Image credits: Zahra Rose, Etsy, Hanora fashion

4. Patterned and printed dresses

Hijab summer dresses trends

Image Credits: Via Pinterest 

Pattern or patchwork, which is a technique of weaving several small-sized fabrics to form a large-sized piece of cloth, recently became popular for summer dresses in 2021 dresses, in addition to the usual floral patterns that appear frequently in the spring and summer seasons every year. It has been adopted by international fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, in their Spring/Summer 2021 fashion show, and is used in folklore designs and folk clothing.

If you like boho style looks or the multi-color trend, I recommend giving it a try, but remember to pair it with shoes, bags, and plain scarfs of the same colors as the patterns, or stick to neutrals if you're confused.

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5. Shirt dresses for veiled women

Hijab summer dresses trends

Image credits: The Impression , Etsy, Instagram @daliahishamm

Since last year's spring and summer white shirt trend, many designers have altered it and created longer shirt dresses from it. This design has won the love of many women, and they have come up with creative ways to style it.

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You can wear it in several different ways:

1. An unbuttoned shirt dress that can be worn with either pants or a skirt.

2. Under a vest or jacket if you want a more formal look.

3. A loose fitted shirt dress, left open, over a Burkini swimsuit.

Egyptian brands to shop summer dresses from this season:

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