All hijabis say that it's easier to style their outfits and looks during winter, because the clothing items are more versatile to wear with hijab, such as jackets, sweaters, etc. It makes sense, right? However, it's very possible that you get bored with the way you wear jackets in winter, but don't worry. Just scroll down, and check out the following photos, to see how hijab fashion bloggers wear the trendiest winter jackets for a stylish and (warm!) hijab look.

1. The denim jacket.

Instagram: @leenalghouti

2. The puffer jacket.

Instagram: @mariaalia

3. The suede jacket.

Instagram: @sauf.etc

4. The aviator jacket.

Instagram: @khaoulathings

5. The biker jacket.

Instagram: @summeralbarcha

6. The blazer.

Instagram: @hautehijab

7. The faux fur jacket.

Instagram: @justfatema