We were invited to attend the shooting of a very empowering campaign. The aim of it is to show how modesty or hijab, in particular, can be modern and trendy. It's not just a scarf; there is a story behind it. Participants of this campaign come from different backgrounds and are all successful business owners. 

Each has a different story of how she feels wearing it, what are the challenges she faces, and how she is holding on to it. They wanted all veiled girls or those who are thinking of wearing it to relate to each and every girl and to see the beauty of hijab in the words of participants and visually in the pictures. One last message that we understood from the participants when we sat down with each and every one of them for small interviews, is that hijab is not a barrier to achieve your dreams or your goals.  

As we stepped into a very nice garden, we could hear the sound of ladies chattering and giggling. We could see a very nice table setting all done by the beautiful Sara Fahmy and Donia El Naggar Co-founders of White Bliss Events, and around this brunch table, several ladies were sitting. We recognized some these ladies like Yasmine Medhat CEO and founder of Bazarna co., Farah Emara a fashion enthusiast, a graphic designer, and she just launched her own accessories brand Wahekaya, Sara Tag El Din and Heba Mansour founders and owners of Ayla Scarves, and one last face we were able to recognize was modest fashion designer Sara Elemary.  

All the ladies were beautifully dressed by Sara Elemary, and Ayla scarves, as they sat down to drink tea and eat mini-sandwiches, while Guru Photo House took pictures of them. And in between takes we were able to ask the ladies some questions. One of the inspiring stories we heard was Nada Attia’s, she’s a 24 years old engineer and math teacher, she’s also the first Egyptian/Arab female skydiving Ballerina, which is honestly,  mind-blowing. We also sat with the cutest sisters Aya Elshehaby, a modest fashion blogger and Amal Elshehaby owner of Nesaa for modest wear, both sisters are working on helping women find chic and modest outfits, Aya by showcasing and finding the chicest modest outfits, and Amal by actually making them. There were many other successful ladies there, that we are sure even had more inspiring stories, but time passed by so quickly, we couldn't interview them all. 

At the end of the day we felt very empowered by the vibes we found at the place, we found many women supporting each other, and joining forces to empower many more.