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22 Addictive Netflix Movies & Series to Binge Watch Now

Okay, we’re not the only ones that finish all of their new additions on Netflix in a day, and we know that. Picking what to watch can be a little tricky because if you pick the wrong show, you’re going to stay on your phone the entire time instead of being bothered to change it, we get it. That’s why you need to make the smart decision, and we’re here to help with that.  This list of productions will keep you so entertained you’ll feel bored afterwards. 22 addictive Netflix movies and series to watch:

La Casa de Papel


I know you're tired of hearing about this one, but seriously...it is so good! Well worth the hype. If you haven't heard of this show, it is basically about how a group of people plan to pull off one of the biggest robberies in history. Season 5 was just released, and it was so good we finished it in a day!

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Things Heard & Seen


This is for the horror fans out there. This thriller movie had us so scared and stuck by our TVs at the same time, we couldn’t get up, but needed to pee from the anxiety it was giving us. Amanda Seyfried does a good job of keeping us scared yet worried for her.

Al Rawabi School for girls


This is a Jordanian show, a great Arab production, it’s a limited series so you can finish in a day, more like will. It covers women’s relationships with each other, bullying, and the toxic environments created by both women and men that girls grow up in. With an intense build-up, the show is very suspenseful and will keep you on your feet. Maybe we should send our fellow principals a link so they can take some notes!

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Sex life


This juicy show will keep you and your girlfriends staring at your screens for at least a couple of hours, and that’s a fact. The show focuses on the life of a woman who has been happily married for a while now but can’t stop remembering her raunchy past with her ex-boyfriend. Up until you guessed it, her manifestation becomes a reality all over again.



This is for those who like crime shows. So intense and suspenseful, I was praying for them. This show refers to a family whose life gets turned upside down when a video of the dad goes viral, and not in a good way. With their family’s wellbeing on the line, they do everything they can to figure out who’s doing this and why.

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We don’t know whether it’s healthy to have mixed feelings about this show, but we do. This show follows the messed-up life of Joe (the classic hip bookstore manager) who’s played by Penn Badgley and his romantic affairs that get kind of well…. obsessive to say the least. The more into it you get the darker it gets; the new season is coming very soon so hurry to catch up.

The Crown


Your love for the royal family will be on another level after you get into the crown. You won't be able to stop watching the history of the queen and those around her unfold like never before. Also, the next season will include the legacy of Princess Diana and her most intimate and sad moments leading up to her end.

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Legally blonde one and two (coming this week)


These two really don’t need an explanation, the iconic movies are going to be available on Netflix starting this week! This girl power chick flick is very empowering. This is a perfect option or idea for a movie marathon with you and your girlfriends, maybe with some face masks and questionable snack choices.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Guilty pleasure or a curse? We’ll never know! This reality show focuses on the lives of the super-rich wives of the Beverly Hills scene. You know, the best plastic surgeons in the country, real estate moguls and relatives of the Hiltons, that kind of thing. With the real housewives of Beverly Hills, you’ll be questioning your own real life.



We loved this movie. It had us frustrated and crying all at once. Following the sad life of Jackie Kennedy, it showed us the former first lady’s heart-breaking life, she didn’t have it easy as she was expected to be the “perfect wife that portrays traditional or classic American values” during her stay at the White House, and then the historical assassination of her husband.

The College Admissions Scandal


This one’s a good one, a documentary on how the super-rich attempt, or attempted is maybe a better way of putting it to find places for their children in IVY leagues schools, colleges and universities in the US with bribes and fake sports scholarships. Honestly, it’s scandalous and juicy and worth the binge.

Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich


This docu-series exposes the life of well, a filthy guy is all we can say about him that was very high up in the New York finance scene, his friends who some of us have watched on TV over the years, politicians and so forth that have been exposed in Epstein’s sick crimes. 

TRIGGER WARNING: the crimes involved are sexual harassment, the entire documentary exposes Epstein’s past and the personal accounts of the victims.

Don’t F**** with Cats


This is one of our favourites. This suspenseful docu-series talks about how a couple of people on the internet, including author John Green, we’re concerned with some troubling content on the internet. They weren’t taken seriously at first up until a certain point, and then when they do it gets ridiculous. You’ll be running around in your bed questioning your entire life. A serious watch.

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She’s all that


This iconic movie is now on Netflix, following the story of the popular jock who thinks he is too good for anyone, he quickly falls for the quirky quiet girl who ends up getting a huge makeover. First, a bet between him and his friends, the inevitable of her finding out gives out...this cute rom-com is an all-time classic!

He’s All That


The reboot of the original movie starring Addison Rae. Very similar to the original, the difference is Addison plays the main character who is also an influencer, it’s with the times.

Cooking with Paris


That’s hot, literally. Paris Hilton is a whole icon but we're not here to talk about that. She just released a cooking show where she prepares her favourite snacks and meals, but by still being completely oblivious to what anything in the kitchen does. With guests like Kim Kardashian, you’ll love this.

Selena the Series


This show follows the beautiful Selena in her beautiful yet short and tragic life, her rise to fame and her obstacles along the way. We’re waiting for a season 3 out here.

Sex Education


This hilarious show has a quirky twist to any classic high school show, it attempts to educate its viewers in a light and funny way. With an amazing cast, you’ll barely feel like you’re learning anything.



This show is like the Spanish version of ‘Sex and the city’. What more is there to say? We know we finished it a little too quickly, did you?

Too Hot to Handle


For the love of trash tv, we hate that we love this show. When the second season came out it was actually embarrassing how we made a whole day out of it with our friends. A funny and light-hearted show, people from all over the world join the show in hopes of being on the new dating show by the beach, only to realise they are, but with a long list of rules (they can’t touch anyone, or their prize money gets compromised) you can imagine how little money there is at the end, it’s so funny and messy at the same time.

Elite Season 4


Ah, the new season really had us upset, didn’t it? The minute you think it’s all over, let them live normal lives, BOOM, a new character comes along to mess everything up. This murder mystery spectacular released its fourth season last June.

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