Fashion weeks always bring new trends, great designs and some chic-worthy street style! In honor of the fashion month, here are 15 amusing facts you didn't know about fashion weeks. Find out how all the models are prepped to be runway-perfect, how makeup artists work their magic on them and know more about the first fashion week ever.

1. London is the most recent city added to fashion weeks among Paris, Milan and New York.

2. The first fashion week that ever took place was in New York 1943. New York was chosen specifically, as people weren't able to attend it in Paris due to World War II. It was also under the name of ‘Press Week’.

3. No one but fashion editors, fashion buyers, journalists, stylists and well-known bloggers can attend fashion weeks. No, you cannot buy tickets to enter fashion shows.

4. Ever wondered why only Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld get to wear sunglasses during fashion shows? That is because it is only acceptable for very few people to wear sunglasses during shows?

5. Believe it or not, Carmen Dell’Orefice was the oldest model to walk the runways of New York Fashion Week. She was 81 years old. Yes, you read it right. 

6. There’s catering for models backstage. Yes, Models do eat!

7. Models get concealer and foundation brushed on their faces, hands and legs to make their skin look literally flawless. No wonder they look so pretty on the catwalk.

8. Some makeup artists actually cover each eyelash with mascara individually, using the tip of the mascara wand for a better definition. 

9. Preparation of the models takes up to two or three hours, while the actual fashion show lasts for no more than 15 minutes.

10. More than 35 makeup artists and stylists are allowed to be backstage helping models look glamorous. 

11. The minimum age of a model is 16 years old.

12. An up-and-coming model can make up to 1,000 USD per show. Reconsider your dreams for being models girls.

13. In 2012, celebrity manicurist Deborah Lipperman used around 2,000 bottles of nail polish during New York Fashion Week only. 

14. Over 250 fashion events take place throughout the city of New York during New York Fashion Week.

15. Fashion weeks always manage to start in a certain order: New York, London, Milan, and ends with Paris. 

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