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| by Amira Azzouz

A Recap of Fashion Forward Dubai (Season 2 Day 2)

Day two of Fashion Forward Dubai was pretty hectic for me as we were running around all day, from spotting the best-dressed, to attending the shows and all that in heels! Trust me I'll be ditching my heels pretty soon, that I can promise you. Now let's get to the more important things, our take on the fashion shows which took place on the second day with some tough love.

If you ask me about Hema Kaul's collection at Fashion Forward, I'd say prom dresses. It's true that I enjoyed some of the pieces and I would personally wear them, but of course the ones that didn't have the word prom written all over them. There's potential here, but if it's targeted towards women (not younger girls), then it should have taken another twist.

Next up was Reem Al Kanhal, and boy was I excited to see her latest collection. Why? Simply because she's a designer who knows how to push the boundaries, but to be honest I was very disappointed. Let's just say there was a theme, the looks were well aligned and you could clearly see her inspiration (music and lights were great as well!). BUT and I emphasize on the but, the collection really didn't do it for me. I've been following on Reem Al Kanhal's work for a while and I do love it, even though some of the pieces were not ones I would wear, however what went wrong with this collection isn't really clear. It reminded me of bed-sheets. Yes, the pieces were well structured, but no they were not exciting and way too simple. I rest my case.

Dima Ayad, where shall I begin? The pop of colors and unexpected color combinations were very interesting; think fuchsia and orange. However, the first few looks on Dima Ayad's runway didn't wow me, I felt like there needs to be more to it, perhaps a story? My favorites from Dima Ayad's collection were the monochrome pieces, which some of the bloggers were wearing at the show and of course they were showcased on the runway. I have to say that's what I call a great PR move! The huge puffy skirts were one of a kind and the way they were flowing on the runway was just awesome. 

Toujouri's pieces were delicate with light colors and she started off the her show with rose pastel looks. Her collection is easy on the eyes and what I really loved about it is the embroidery. Why? Mainly because the shapes of the embroidery can be perceived in many different ways; what I personally saw for example as a sunflower embroidery, someone else might have seen completely different. That's certainly brilliant! There's room for imagination and each piece leaves you wondering and looking closer to understand it. Toujouri, great and dreamy collection I must say.

I haven't heard about Madiyah Al Sharqi before, but I was pretty excited to see her collection especially that she's Emirati (finally!). I also heard great feedback about her. So here's what I thought about Madiyah Al Sharqi's collection, her pieces are definitely for a modern woman with an elegant style and take on life. A woman with grace and who knows how to enjoy the pretty things around her. I loved the fact that each piece had something unique about it and you're left to enjoy the beauty of it. Example? The embroidery on the sleeves, the layering and experimenting with different fabrics! Fine details you'll certainly like and the dress in the finale was such a chic statement!

Charbel Zoe's collection in one phrase would be Moulin Rouge gone wrong! Or let me rephrase Maya Diab after she reaches her sixties, though her style is interesting. If the pieces showcased on Charbel Zoe's runway were meant to be artistic, then they should at least be a little bit wearable, but NO they're not, not at all! I am quite disappointed...

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