Olivier Rousteing, the young and super talented Creative Director of Balmain, just announced that he'll be launching a new line, Balmain Kids. The exciting news was just announced on his Instagram account, @Olivier_Rousteing, where he posted images of the new collection featuring cute kids who are totally dressed to impress, and used #MiniBalmains.

For a couple of years, the only little kid who was lucky enough to wear custom-made Balmain pieces, was North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter. However, Balmain Kids will now be available, starting June 2016, for everyone who wants their little one to be the most stylish kid on the block.

Scroll down and take a first look at the Balmain Kids collection, it surely has the signature Balmain style!

Photo Credits: Instagram: @Olivier_Rousteing