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| by The Fustany Team

What Happened on Fustany's Instagram This Week?

Do you follow Fustany's Instagram account? Well, whatever the answer is, we wanted to share with you snippets of the best, most helpful, and interesting Instagram posts that were posted during this past week.

Another week full of exciting things and nostalgic moments, from celebrities at the 2021 US president inauguration to remembering the late iconic Faten Hamama. We also welcomed the Aquarius month and showed you some fashion and beauty tips. Read on and find out what happened on Fustany's Instagram during the week...

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1. Let's welcome the Aquarius woman

Do you have an Aquarius woman in your life, or are you one? In any case, let's welcome the birthdays of this sign and get to know the characteristics of the Aquarius woman, just swipe through the pictures above.

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2. Vinyl coats trend

We've talked about the winter coat trends this year, and we had to shed some more light on a trend that has been going string since last year, which are glossy vinyl and leather coats.

3. Rose pink eyeshadow is perfect for natural makeup lovers

Many people are looking for simple natural makeup looks these days, we recommend you try soft pink and rose eyeshadow shades.

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4. Celebrity looks at President Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony

The inauguration of US President Joe Biden brought together a lot of familiar face and celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama and others. The fashion was definitely chic and a standout.

5. How come we always breakout before an important event?

How many times did your skin suddenly decide to struggle right before an occasion? Well believe me you're not alone! We get it.

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6. Remembering Faten Hamama

In 2015, we said goodbye to the legendary and beloved Faten Hamama. On the anniversary of her passing, we took a look at some of her memorable moments and pictures.

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7. Love yourself first!

Can you give love to others without loving yourself? Can you take care of another person without caring for yourself? Self care and love must be a priority. Here's a little reminder.

8. A stunning new photoshoot for actress Anne Hathaway

We're in love with Anne Hathaway beauty and charm. Her last photoshoot was certainly stunning and memorable. We love!

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