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| by Amira Azzouz

Fustany.com Discovers Stolen Articles

I was doing some work last night that included some Google research, it all started by copying and pasting a title of one of our articles in the search engine. I happened to find several search results that had the exact same title as ours, even with the same description. It got me curious and so I decided to open those links, to my surprise they were all a replica of that article on Fustany.com. Those articles were not taken with our permission; they were stolen! What was even more surprising, was the fact that the websites who stole those articles are pretty 'established' ones such as Dostor.org, Anaonline.net, Bokra.net, Elhawanem.com and Mojtamai.com to mention a few. Looking into the archives of these 'websites,' I came across more than 12 articles from Fustany.com PLAGIARIZED. Now let me define what it means to plagiarize and the repercussions taken against websites, authors and publications in the off chance they are exposed, which in your case (yes, plagiarists, we're talking about you) is the true reality.

Firstly, plagiarism is the act of copying one's work, without any use of reference or citation and taking credit for it, basically what they did. Did you know that academic institutions around the world have a strict no-plagiarism policy? Let me tell you why, they like to teach their students a code of ethics, therefore when they graduate and enter the real world of journalism, they abide by that code. Here we are in the real world, and 'established websites' such as Dostor.org are plagiarizing our work. Once plagiarism has been detected, the consequences begin and they are quite severe. You have your reputation on the line, which will follow you throughout your entire career. You will always be labelled as the 'website' who copied from others. Once you are labelled, your establishment will take a big toll, as loyal readers will slowly swindle away from your path and your publication's credibility will drop. Wave goodbye to traffic, people will not trust what you have to write, and most importantly your name will always have that red X from here on then. The ironic thing about reputation, is that word of mouth spreads extremely fast.

Now that we tackled reputation, let's move on to the legal repercussions. I am sure you heard of copyright laws. Fustany.com as an entity is a copyrighted, which means anything produced under our website, cannot be used by another person, website, magazine etc... without our permission, even then the article must always be referenced to us.

As a team that works extremely hard to deliver a vision, it was very disappointing for us to see this happening; stealing, people making a total embarrassment of themselves. Do they really hire people to steal off of other publications rather than being creative and coming up with their own content? To be honest, it shows how little respect they have.

I hereby ask you Fustany.com Readers and Friends to help us spread the word about this. We'll take the needed actions from our side, but we also believe in the power of our Readers. Please take a moment to share this article and spread the word about it. It's not okay for an 'established' publication to steal another one's work, knowing they would get away with it. They'll just continue to do so, not only with us, but also with others as well. If we take action and do something about it now, they'll think twice in the future before they do anything similar again.  Imitation (or plagiarism in that case) is the sincerest form of flattery? We think not. Thank you in advance!

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