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| by Dalia Hosny

Mia Jafari Launches 'The Dubai Edition' Scarves Collection

Scarves are just one of my favorite accessories. From printed to floral, you can just wear them around your neck in both summer and winter, to add some style and layering to your look. They can also be worn in many ways! 

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As  I'm always looking for new scarves to add to my collection, I recently stumbled upon Mia Jafari’s latest collection of nine limited-edition scarves; ‘The Dubai Edition.’ I must say I was amazed that each scarf truly had a different design and personality, reflecting the aesthetics of such a cosmopolitan city. The Mia Jafari 'The Dubai Edition' scarves are perfectly tailored for a young, bold, and ambitious woman, who likes to go creative with her look and outfits. My personal favourite was the 'Mixologist Delight' scarf as it's vibrant, full of colors and when worn with a simple white t-shirt, it can make a statement on its own.

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