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| by Nada Allam

Monthly Roundup - January

New Year, New Rules. We started off the New Year with our very own Fustany Team Fashion Wishes for 2013, in attempt to sparkle up our 2013. Now we know sticking to your resolutions is not an easy thing, however our daily content this month was aimed to provide you with all the necessary things needed for an easygoing process. We have been watching the Celebrity Styles and frankly we’re quite dazzled. Miranda Kerr’s- Celebrity Look caught our attention, as she pulled off the perfect street style. 

There are many moments where you stare at your closet for hours and just can’t seem to find anything to wear. Well, Fustany brought to you the very creative Style Ideas. It’s all about the mixing and matching! We made it a point to show you the perfect way to style the Timeless Trench . It’s an everyday accessory especially during these coming winter months and looking good is always a necessity.

Our #Todayimwearing segment is updated constantly, get inspired by those innovative fashionistas out there. Once you’re glammed up and looking flawless it’s only fair to flaunt it. We really liked #TodayI’mWearing: Radwa Abd Al Aziz in Leopard x Red. 

Which brings me to Weddings. Fustany thought about all the bridal problems a bride could possibly come across and laid it out for you. Whether it’s preparing the Wedding Day Emergency Kit or the perfect Bridesmaid Bangle, we have it all. 

In addition to clothes, beauty is particularly important to us. Don’t get us wrong we love the clothes and are constantly updating our Fashion Directory. However, the amount of beauty concepts we decided to tackle this month were infinite. We recommend you check out our beauty recommendations especially our Five Tips To Prevent Hair Loss .  

Lastly, we decided to close the month in a fun an exciting way. Here at Fustany each and every one of us represent different things. So why not show you who we are and what defines us through a dressed up photo-shoot. Be sure to check out Fustany TV, Behind the Scenes of the Fustany Photo-shoot.

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