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| by Nada Allam

Monthly Roundup - March

From the very beginning of March your thoughts begin to wander to the 21st right? The planning, the shopping, the wrapping for that special gift for your Mum. This month Fustany brought to you a very special feature, Thoughts of a Mum, where working mothers from various industries shared their views on motherhood.

Luci had quite the creative idea for a Mother’s Day gift. In her post  Pictures speak a Thousand Words, we see Luci put together quite the sentimental gift for her mother and how she and Billy take one step forward. Be sure to check out My Bucket of Ice Cream for Luci’s future posts and if she and Billy have a chance.

With floral and pastels taking over the navies and the greys we decided to illustrate to you the DOs and DON’Ts of Floral and Bangs. Spring is really all about brightening up your wardrobe as seen in Selena Gomez’s Celebrity Look. In addition to that, Mimi Raad embraces the Monochrome Trend and demonstrates how to style the black and white for the upcoming season. Now I know this time of the year is all about the spring-cleaning however, Simone Heng shows us a DIY Distressed Jeans project instead of throwing them out.

If you’re anything like me and have a little bit of a bag obsession then you need to check out Must Have Mini Bags. They are adorable, small and fit a woman’s basics, what more can we ask for? 

No month at Fustany would be complete without Dalia Hosny’s posts about health and beauty. This time she decided to give us ladies a little bit of an educational feature; Do men PMS? Yes, a rather wild topic, but trust me on this you will discover a lot, more importantly relate in a shocking way. On another health and beauty note, Dr. Mai El Samahy corrects hair misconceptions. Get all the advice and tips on how to keep your hair nourished and deal with the common misconceptions women are facing on a daily basis.

Moving on to weddings, you know how it is, trying to find the perfect dress, the perfect pair of heels, the perfect everything really! Well, for all the brides out there Fustany introduces to you the Charlotte Olympia Pompom Sandals; the perfect pair of shoes to go with a brides' puffy wedding dress. Also Fustany TV takes you in on Day at the Office with Arabia Weddings. Don’t miss this exclusive feature where they offer you all the tips needed to make your special day amazing.

Lastly, Azza Fahmy’s Design Studio began this month offering students a three-year academic program that will consist of theoretical and studio work. Part of the Fustany Team went over to the Design Studio to attend a day and give the readers an exclusive look. Stay tuned for the Azza Fahmy upcoming Fustany TV feature…

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