Continuing his vision to drive Moschino to be the fashion house of funky, Jeremy Scott has introduced one of the craziest collections of clothes and accessories any designer can ever embrace. After he introduced the McDonald's inspired collection last fall, I must say I wasn't shocked to see such unconventional designs presented on the runway. Moschino's Creative Director renovated the Barbie doll and turned her style into real life with a more experimental manner.

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Now the good news is, Moschino's Spring/Summer 2015 capsule collection, 'Think Pink: Shop the Dream', is available for purchase.

The Barbie-themed collection was extremely joyful and Moschino‚Äôs Spring/Summer 2015 runway show was bombarded with clothes and accessories such as the Barbie-inspired hand mirror iPhone cover, pink jacket handbags, backpacks, along with super-sized belts and necklaces. The always out of the box fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, didn't impress when it come to clothes at this collection. The t-shirts, pants, and skirts were tacky that I would only wear them as pajamas.  

Whether you love or hate the collection, one must admit that Moschino never fails to add that special amusement factor to Milan Fashion Week every season. 

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