Pantone, the world-renowned corporation specialized in authority on colors, has publicly announced the official colors in trend for 2016. The Pantone colors for 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity. By this announcement, fashion and interior designers now have their signal to start designing according to these colors.

According to the corporation, these two colors represent communication, health and give you peace and serenity. This also changes the game of color mixing, as these colors fall under the pastels colors umbrella.

If you’re planning to shop soon, then you can consider these two colors the main inspiration to help you style your closet for 2016. The rose and the blue go very well with silver, grey, ivory and beige and most neutral colors.

Whether you’re buying an evening dress, morning or casual outfits, makeup and beauty products or thinking about renovating your interiors, then these colors should be on your mind.