Walking through the doors of Azza Fahmy's Zamalek boutique, I must say I got really inspired to the extent that I played Um Kalthoum songs on my way back to the Fustany office. The new Azza Fahmy collection is called Suma, which is inspired by the iconic Egyptian Singer Um Kalthoum. Everything was magnificent and nostalgic, from the designs of the jewelry pieces to the graphical drawings of Um Kalthoum on every corner of Azza Fahmy's boutique. My favorite thing about the 'Suma' collection is that it takes you back to the golden days and gives tribute to one of Egypt's most influential icons, while maintaining Azza Fahmy's signature style. The 'Suma' collection by Azza Fahmy included statement necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings and of course rings.

The amount of attention given to details is simply exquisite, as you'll find the names of the song writer in addition to the release date of each song engraved on the back of each and every piece as a tribute and to honor the composers and musicians behind the songs. Amazing, isn't it? Stones and colored diamonds uniquely accessorized the silver and gold Azza Fahmy necklaces.