“I have nothing to wear” is every modern woman’s favorite say every morning! Do you find yourself looking at your big full closet with frustration, because you don’t have an easy outfit to throw on when you’re running late? Well calm down, you have enough clothes, you just need to know these easy fashion tips that will save you when you’re running late, let’s see…

1. When in doubt wear an all black outfit. Neutral colors in general like, black, white and beige are an easy choice.

2. Wear a basic white t-shirt and flat shoes with a chic pantsuit.

3. A dress and sneakers are always an easy choice for the days where you don't feel like mixing and matching.

4. Trick them with a white shirt and sexy heels. This fashion trick is awesome, because it's effortless and chic.   

5. Oversized denim jackets always save the day. Especially if you think that your outfit is dull, they always take your style to the next level.

6. Wear the same shirt you wore yesterday in unrecognizable way, backwards maybe?

7. Throw on a colorful summer/winter coat, preferable pink, because pink is the most loved color this year and besides, it's so pretty.

8. Go for the monochrome style, it’s always an effortlessly winner look.

9. Crown your basics with a floral bomber jacket.

10. Take their attention away with a graphic t-shirt.

11. Look like you exerted effort while you actually just threw on culotte pants

12. Embellish your outfit with dozens of pins and brooches.

13. Make your jeans look chic and hip at the same time by wearing fishnet tights under your ripped jeans. Now you have a new jeans and a new outfit.

14. Divert their attention away from an outfit you wore many times with statement earrings and cool accessories like chokers.

15. No time to wear anything but yesterday’s outfit, no problem, shawls are here to save the day.