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| by Zeina Tawfik

11 Boyfriend Jeans Styling Tips and Outfit Ideas

Figuring out how to wear boyfriend jeans could be challenging sometimes. Boyfriend jeans are one of those clothing items that have 'styling potential,' or in other words, they can be worn in so many ways. Don't get stuck in a rut, I'll share with you 10 tips on how to style boyfriend jeans to achieve different looks.

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How to style boyfriend jeans:

1. Explore your options

how to style boyfriend jeans

Image Credits: Szymon Brzóska Via Who What Wear

Boyfriend jeans come in many different shapes, styles and fits. So, don't limit yourself to one, and try out differs options to see which you like the most on you.

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2. Cuffed bottom

boyfriend jeans outfit ideas

Image Credits:  Christian Vierig on Getty Images Via Pinterest

Boyfriend jeans looked great with a cuffed bottom. The baggy look and the folded hem look great together and make the look balanced and effortless. If you don't buy cuffed ones, you can easily cuff it yourself by folding the hems up one inch, and then roll them once without making them look too perfectly done.

3. Belts with boyfriend jeans

how to style boyfriend jeans

Image Credits:  Via Pinterest

Belts go really well with boyfriend jeans. As you style your boyfriend jeans consider wearing a belt to keep the waist from going too low or just to make them look even more fab. 

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4. Balancing proportions

boyfriend jeans outfit ideas

Image Credits:  Vogue UK Via Pinterest

Of course nowadays you can were a top to bottom oversized look and it can look great and chic, but some people prefer a more proportional look. If you want to balance the proportions with boyfriend jeans, don't wear a top that's too tight or oversized. Go for something midway.

5. How to style boyfriend jeans with hijab

how to style boyfriend jeans

Image Credits:  Instagram @leenalghouti

Well let's just say hijab doesn't limit you and your styling options whatsoever. You can wear boyfriend jeans however you like with the hijab using any of the upcoming options or the ones above. Just find an outfit that fits your taste and the look you're trying to go for. 

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6. Boyfriend jeans with sweaters and flats

boyfriend jeans outfit ideas

Image Credits:  Old Navy

The ultimate effortless look. Just your fav sweater, and flats. They look effortless with boyfriend jeans and you can stay in this outfit all day feeling comfy and relaxed. You can tuck in the front of the sweater if you want to show off your belt or just create more balance.

7. Boyfriend look great with a leather jacket

how to style boyfriend jeans

Image Credits:  Via Pinterest

They really do. It's a sexy, but effortless look that you'll get hooked on. Wear your boyfriend jeans with a biker jacket, a tee and sneakers or cool statement boots.

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8. Dressed up in a second

how to style boyfriend jeans

Image Credits: Via Pinterest

If you want to dress up a little, but easily and while looking effortlessly chic, this is such a great and easy look. Boyfriend jeans look amazing with heels. Just throw on a tee, heels and a pair of statement earrings. You're done. 

9. To make boyfriend jeans more feminine

boyfriend jeans outfit ideas

Image Credits: Andrew Morales/WWD

The best way to style your boyfriend jeans is to give off a feminine vibe to it by teaming it with a girly top and a pair of pumps. 

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10. How to wear boyfriend jeans if you're petite

how to style boyfriend jeans

Image Credits:  Via Pinterest

If you're petite, you can get boyfriend jeans that are a little more high waisted and not too baggy in the fit. Cuff the bottoms and put on some cute heels sandals or boots. You can also add a belt. 

11. Boyfriend jeans and a blazer

how to style boyfriend jeans

Image Credits:  Who What Wear Via Pinterest 

Is there anything you can't wear with them? It really is hard to find one. They look great, even with blazers. So, if you want a more out together look with boyfriend jeans, throw a blazer over you t-shit and put non some sneakers or even heels if you want the look less casual.

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