Figuring out how to wear boyfriend jeans could be challenging sometimes. Boyfriend jeans are one of those clothing items that have 'styling potential,' or in other words, they can be worn in so many ways. Don't get stuck in a rut, I'll share with you 10 styling tips to wear boyfriend jeans to achieve different looks, from ladylike to rock chic.

1. How to style your boyfriend jeans? Always make sure that your boyfriend jeans has a cuffed bottom. If not, you can easily cuff it by folding the hems up one inch, and then roll them once without making them look too perfectly done.

2. The best way to style your boyfriend jeans is to give off a feminine vibe to it by teaming it with a girly top and a pair of pumps. 

3. Avoid excessively distressed boyfriend jeans. Ripped jeans do give off a cool appeal, but a jeans with so much holes and patches will only make you look sloppy.

4. Achieve a Parisian casual look by wearing your boyfriend jeans with a Breton stripe top and ballerina flats.

5. Boyfriend jeans generally have a relaxed fit, however, when picking a pair of boyfriend jeans make sure you pick a pair that flatters your curves and doesn't look too over-sized or slouchy.

6. For an informal work wear look, pair your boyfriend jeans with a tucked in top, blazer and basic heels or loafers if you're seeking comfort.

7. Belts go really well with boyfriend jeans, as you style your boyfriend jeans consider wearing a wide belt to keep the waist from going too low.

8. If you've been wondering how to pull off the sweatshirts trend, the answer is to wear your favorite sweatshirt with boyfriend jeans and sneakers. If you want to avoid a tomboy-ish look, swap the sneakers with heels.

9. A balanced look is all about the proportions, so with boyfriend jeans, stray away from too tight or too over-sized tops.

10. Go for a rock chic look by wearing your boyfriend jeans with a biker jacket and a statement t-shirt, finish off your outfit with booties.