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10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Have

Zeina Tawfik
3/19/15, 12:00 AM

There's a difference between the wardrobe essentials every woman should have and what women really need. As women, we strive to create the perfect wardrobe, one that has quality over quantity and that has versatile pieces for day and night. With trends that come and go each season, it's difficult for a lot of us to figure out the wardrobe essentials every woman should own. However, there are key pieces that you should focus on investing in no matter what your personal style is. Update your closet with these 10 wardrobe essentials every woman should have to epitomise her dressing up routine.

1. White T-shirt

Never underestimate the power of a white t-shirt. If you have the perfect plain white t-shirt, trust me, you will wear it over and over again. Make sure your white t-shirt is in a relaxed fit, it will look good paired with jeans or tucked into a full skirt. Definitely an essential item every woman should have.

2. White Shirt

A crisp white shirt will look good worn to a business meeting and will double up as a swimsuit coverup. Yes, it is that versatile and definitely a wardrobe essential every woman should have! Use your white shirt throughout different seasons by layering it under your favorite sweater or rolling up its sleeves with your jeans for an effortless look.

3. Jeans

A nice pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential for every woman. Whichever jeans style you prefer, skinny leg, flared or cropped, make sure to pick a pair that is suitable to your body type. A pair of dark blue straight leg jeans is always a safe choice and will work for several body types as it makes you look slimmer. Everybody has that favorite pair of jeans which makes them feel sexy and comfortable, so make sure yours is a perfect fit.

4. Blazer

If there is one thing every woman must have in her wardrobe then it has got to be a well fitted blazer, as it can be worn with a blouse, a t-shirt or even a dress. Have it preferably in black or white and make sure that it is well tailored with the perfect length to suit your body type. For an updated cover up look, try to throw the jacket over your shoulders instead of putting your arms through the sleeves, instant chic!

5. Little Black Dress

There's a reason why the Little Black Dress has been there to stay since Breakfast at Tiffany's days... It's a classic timeless option and you can never go wrong with it! You can dress a Little Black Dress up or down but make sure it fits you like a glove.

6. Black Pants

A pair of tailored black pants is a wardrobe essential that can take you from a professional look to a rock 'n' roll look. Stay away from sophisticated cuts and keep your black pants simple, make sure its length is suitable with your heels height.

7. Nude Pumps

A pair of nude pumps is one of the best wardrobe essentials, it will add a couple of inches to your height, and will also create an illusion of super long legs. Nude pumps will go with almost anything as they're a neutral color that will match whatever you're wearing. Plus points if they're pointy!

8. Ballet Flats

We live in a world where we multitask, and multitasking is better done in ballet flats, that's for sure! Invest in a pair of ballet flats but keep them interesting with an added detail or a pop of color. A pair of leopard print ballet flats is a chic addition, this animal print never goes out of style and is the perfect way to complete your wardrobe essentials. 

9. Statement Jewelry

Necklaces, cuffs, earrings or rings... Statement jewelry is definitely a wardrobe essentials that every woman should have, as it will add character to your outfit and will say a lot about you. Keep a statement piece of jewelry in your handbag and wear it to transition your look from day to night. An outfit is never boring with statement jewelry!

10. Handbag

Invest in a medium sized handbag, but keep it in a bright color and treat it as you would treat a neutral colored handbag. The wardrobe essential will add a lot of boldness to your outfits, so don't be afraid to wear it out and mix it with different color tones.


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