Puffer jackets are an absolute necessity on cold winter days. However, puffer jackets tend to make you look a bit puffy! But hey, you totally need them to stay warm, right? So, if you're looking for flattering ways to wear a puffer jacket, just scroll through as I've got some street style photos to inspire you.

When you're wearing a puffer jacket, I'm sure that your main mission is to stay warm, yet you can be stylish too. Start by buying colorful puffer jackets - go for pink, red or mustard yellow. You'll be having so much fun while wearing them, you'll forget about looking puffy. Also, try to pair your puffer jacket with a fluffy sweater that's not too chunky; you don't want to add any extra thickness to your look. As for your choice of bottoms, you can choose skirts with wool tights or you can wear skinny jeans, so you can have an overall balanced silhouette.

Now when the temperature starts to drop, be ready with one of these outfit ideas to stay warm and stylish when wearing puffer jackets. Click through, and start getting inspired for your winter outfits.