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12 Posh Hijab Fashion Bloggers You Have to Follow on Instagram

Zeinab El-Fiqi
4/10/16, 12:00 AM

By now, most of us have their Instagram timelines filled with fashion-related accounts for daily style inspiration. But for me as a girl wearing the hijab, I find it hard to relate to the outfits. Lately, hijab fashion bloggers have surfaced, and their Instagram accounts have become so popular! Personally, I find it quite helpful when I check my favorite Instagram accounts before an important outing and find a relevant outfit inspiration. I usually like to get bits and pieces from every blogger and form an outfit style of my own.

Can you relate? If you like to do so too, I'm sharing with you these 12 hijab fashion bloggers that you have to follow on Instagram for daily style inspiration.

1. Ascia AKF

Ascia is one of the leading hijab fashion bloggers on Instagram. What's cool about Ascia's Instagram account is that it includes loads of style inspiration. Ascia is not only here to inspire your hijab style, she’s also the owner of Desert Baby, a label specialized in accessories for babies in Kuwait.

2. Dalal AlDoub

Dalal AlDoub is another successful Kuwaiti hijab fashion blogger. She is one of those Arab women who will inspire you to look so young and elegant. Follow her for great outfit inspiration, as well as great beauty tips on her Instagarm account.

3. Dina Torkia

Dina Torkia, also known as Dina Tokio, is an Egyptian fashion designer/hijab fashion blogger. She’s based in the UK and her style is a mix between modest and super fresh. Dina Tokio is a hijab fashion blogger who shares great styling tips, and her experience with motherhood; she recently gave birth to a little cute baby girl.

4. Farah Emara

Want a little of positive energy? Farah Emara is this young Egytian hijab fashion blogger, who’s always flashing a big smile in her pictures on Instagram. Besides her very hip and young style, Farah is also a sports junkie; you’ll find her posting some of her fitness activities. Did I mention she’s into art too?

5. Fatema AlAwadhi

Another Kuwaiti hijab fashion and lifestyle blogger is Fatema AlAwadhi. Spot her travelling around the most fashionable cities in the world, strutting the streets in some seriously chic hijab looks. Fatema’s style is best described as simple, but very chic.  

6. Hend AlRumaihi

Hend AlRumaihi's Instagram account is so cool; you don’t really to get to see her face, but her hijab fashion street style is on point. Between Doha and London, Hend is always posting pictures of her style, which is far from boring!

7. Maha and Nemah

Although Nemah is the only one wearing the hijab, but the "Modesty off the Runway" Instagram account owned by the two fashionistas is here to inspire women to dress modestly. This account wins a new title, the hipster hijab style. The girls are based in Toronto Canada, but are proud Palestinian and Pakistani. 

8. Melanie El-Turk

Melanie El-Turk is the CEO of the online hijab store "Haute Hijab." If you search for Haute Hijab on Instagram, you’ll find that this account has got plenty of hijab street style ideas by Melanie and other beautiful ladies. So it’s a nice combination - you can like the style and even shop it.

9. Mrmr

Mrmr is a Kuwaiti media influencer, and besides her great sense of fashion; she also posts about beauty and lifestyle. Are you looking for some high-end fashion inspiration? Mrmr’s account is just what you need.

10. Nuha El-Quesny

Nuha El-Quesny is the owner of the Instagram account Devotedly Yours; she’s a young Egyptian-American wife, mum, and fashion blogger. She shares snaps of her outfits, and her little cute family. Nuha is an inspiration to every mum looking for an effortlessly chic style.

11. Ruba Zai

Based in the Netherlands, Ruba Zai sure knows how to style modest hijab looks in a trendy and hipster style. Owner of the Instagram account Hijab Hills, she gives you the ultimate daily hijab fashion inspiration.

12. Sahar Foad

Sahar Foad is a young Egyptian hijab fashion blogger, and she’s also part of the GPH (Ghaleb Production House) team. If you like wearing turbans, I suggest you start following Sahar to know how to wear it with many different styles.


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