We get many inquiries about how to wear mom jeans - one of the most popular yet confusing denim trends! So I decided to share with you 21 photos to show you how to rock your mom jeans. Yes, the mom jeans is totally back in style, and you should give it a try.

What's unique about mom jeans, is that they have a high-waist cut and a tapered leg, and most importantly, they're not skin-tight. A great replacement for your skinny jeans, right? Many of you think that they can't pull off mom jeans, however, with the right top and pair of shoes, you can get a super cool look that's inspired by one of the 90's trends that's now back.

A styling tip you should consider when you go for mom jeans, is to wear a belt and tuck in your top; this will help you have a very flattering body shape. Also, mom jeans are a great way to show off your favorite shoe, whether it's a pair of stilettos or some cool sneakers.

Now scroll down and see the many different looks you can create by just having a pair of mom jeans.