Winter doesn't have to be dull, in fact your winter look can be very bright, and the easiest way to do so, is to wear colorful coats. If you want to ditch your black coat this winter, then scroll through to see 37 colorful coats outfit ideas for the ultimate bright yet warm style.

If you're looking for outfit ideas for colorful coats, just scroll down and see plenty of street style looks that picked for you. In the meantime here's how to wear colorful winter coats:

Colorful coat with a bright outfit 

You can still rock a bright coat with equally colorful pieces to create an amazing look with vibrance and contrast. Fashion bloggers like wearing green coats with red pants, and some wear orange coats with pink. They're all great looks for winter 2020. 


Monochrome outfit with a colored coat

A lot of fashion bloggers went for a really cool modern look by wearing a monochrome outfit. Whatever color your coat is pair it with clothes that are of the same, if not exact, color palette. That way you don't have to worry about which colors would go together and you can still rock a bright colorful outfit. 


Below are some more colorful coats style ideas...don't miss them.