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30 Things Men Hate Women to Wear

Fustany Team
2/23/18, 12:00 AM

Do you know that there are items in your closet or things women wear that men hateMen and women have different views when it comes to what's fashionable and what's not. In an attempt to bridge the gap between both genders, we asked men to send in a list of things they hate women to wear. Here they came up with 30 things men hate women to wear, and what we think of their choices.

Men say: Hijab that's showing off the fringe or the neck.

We say: We're totally with you guys on that and couldn't agree more.

Men say: UGGS!

We say: Though some girls really think they're comfy, but most of the team certainly agrees they're a big no.

Men say: Harem pants, especially the shiny ones. aka the famous Aladdin pants...

We say: They're not really flattering to say the least, unless you're going to a really chilled place, like camping.

Men say: Leopard prints.

We say: Ladies, you be the judge! You should know when you're overdoing it with the leopard print. Wear it with simple colors and let it be the only statement piece.

Men say: Anything that's too tight or three sizes smaller.

We say: To say the least, it's super uncomfortable.

Men say: Neon colors.

We say: Okay we know they hurt the eyes, and some or let's say most women out there abused that trend, but it can be acceptable when it's within limits. A small detail of the outfit, or let's say a t-shirt paired with regular jeans and flats.

Men say: Leggings with a short blouse or shirt.

We say: No! Leggings will never be pants.

Men say: Leather pants.

We say: It depends on how they're worn; we've seen a lot of women rock them in an uber chic way.

Men say: Heavy makeup.

We say: Less is more, remember that.

Men say: Shapeless dresses (not showing any curves).

We say: We usually prefer figure hugging dresses, but everyone looks at fashion differently. Try wearing a thin waist-belt to compliment shapeless dresses.

Men say: Soirees on morning weddings.

We say: Yes! An elegant cocktail dress would do the trick at a morning wedding.

Men say: Juicy Couture tracksuits.

We say: That Paris Hilton look is so 2002.

Men say: Bandage dresses.

We say: If it makes you happy, wear it.

Men say: Boyfriend jeans.

We say: While we think they're trendy and super comfortable, but we totally understand where men are coming from on this one. 

Men say: Jumpsuits.

We say: We actually like them, so when you go for a jumpsuit, just pick a fitting one that flatters your body shape. Let's face it, men will never ever understand jumpsuits, and they don't have to.

Men say: Spanish hijab.

We say: It sometimes reminds us of a fancy gift wrapping, so unless you know how to perfect that look, we recommend you stay away from it. Try turbans instead?

Men say: Flip-flops.

We say: They belong at the beach, but then again, we see more men wearing flip-flops at regular outings. It's a big no for both!

Men say: Diamond teeth.

We say: Hmmm, terrible.

Men say: Shape-wear being worn as a top (aka the Carina).

We say: Shape-wear is to be worn underneath clothes and not as a top. This is a mistake you should avoid at all costs.

Men say: Baggy pants.

We say: They were never cool, not even for men when they were a trend back in the day.

Men say: Overdressed and underdressed.

We say: We all know these occasions where you're not quite sure what to wear. When that happens, we suggest the following: go for a little black dress that's relatively fancy, and pair it up with a laid-back jacket, perhaps a leather one. If it turns out to be a fancy event, lose the jacket, if everyone is more on the casual side, keep it on.

Men say: Wearing pants all the time.

We say: True! Spice up your style a bit. There are tons of options out there which look even prettier than pants. We recommend you wear more dresses and skirts. It feels great and they're always a happy option.

Men say: Not taking care of hair, nails and skin. (Example: chipped nail polish)

We say: It's understandable that most of us women juggle between many things on a daily basis. Regardless of what men think, a woman should always take care of herself. Attention to detail is key, don't ever let yourself go, you'll feel more beautiful, radiant and your mood will be great.

Men say: Bras with transparent straps.

We say: You know everyone can see them, right?

Men say: Gladiator sandals.

We say: Pick the ones that look flattering on your feet, and make sure you go for a pedicure before showing off your toes.

Men say: Half boots with mini-skirts.

We say: NO!

Men say: Denim overalls. (Salopettes)

We say: We're aware they're a big trend at the moment and some pieces are very fashionable, however most of the denim overalls make you look like you're a 5th grader. Still want to opt for one? Then wear it with a graphic tee or sweat-shirt, it'll result in an edgy look.

Men say: Crocs.

We say: Unless you're a doctor heading to the ER to perform surgery, do not wear them. 

Men say: Open toe shoes and sandals.

We say: It all comes down to the pedicure at this point.

Men say: Oversized sunglasses.

We say: We don't like them either, but they do suit some people. If you have a smaller face, stay away from them. In other words make sure to pick a pair that works with your face shape best.


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