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| by Nancy Hennes

53 Ways to Wear Red on Valentine’s Day and Not Feel Cheesy

Wearing red on Valentine's Day can be a little bit risky, you can either nail it or totally fail at pulling off a neck turning outfit! Well, don’t worry there’s always a way around, as I got you 53 ways to wear red on Valentines’s Day and not feel cheesy. I guarantee if you copy one of these outfits you’ll only look classy and chic.

You don’t have to wear an all red outfit, combining it with other colors will either tone it down if you want to, or make it pop if you’re looking for a more colorful look. Either way it will look great, just pick the right red color degree for your skin tone and you’re ready to go.

Now scroll down and check out 53 ways to wear red on Valentine’s Day and not feel cheesy. 

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