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| by Salma Ihab

6 'Lazy Day' Outfits to Help You Run out the Door Quickly but Fashionably

Some days you don't feel like getting up and prefer to lounge on the couch, but you have to get up and get dressed even though you don't want to. And, you have no idea what to wear other than jeans and a t-shirt. Nowadays the trend is in your favor, you can leave the house in comfort and style. And, if you're tired of going for the same look and want to try something new, in this article I put together a few lazy day outfit ideas, for when you want to look nice without trying.

Scroll down to take a look at 6 lazy day outfits to help you run out the door quickly but fashionably. 

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1. Sweatpants are a great option if you want a casual, simple, and stylish


Image Credits: StatmentAura, WhiteFox, StatementAura

Look, sweatpants are a must-have for any lazy girl, and almost everyone owns at least one pair. To leave your house in sweatpants, you can easily transform them into a fashionable outfit. You can go for something more fun like printed sweatpants, or keep it more casual with a tank and sneakers. Alternatively, you might opt for a monochromatic look. Another quick and easy look, is to wear an oversized graphic tee, this outfit idea is perfect for a rush day.

2. When in Doubt, Grab Your Favorite Fashionable Jeans


Image Credits: crescendoaospoucos, Glaminati, JuliaMarieB

We all have that one pair of jeans that are absolutely our favorite, and we always go back to it. The trick is to know how to style it, like with an oversize t-shirt and eye-catching shoes. This season, belts are really fashionable, so pair your jeans with a tucked-in top to show them off. When doing errands, a light jacket with rolled up sleeves gives you a stylish look, and it will keep you warm if you get cold quickly from the air conditioning.

3. Tracksuits are both comfortable and stylish


Image Credits: ComerblogaramarEnfemenino, Via Pinterest 

Are you tired of wearing sweatpants and want to change things up a little? Track pants, particularly those with side stripes or button embellishments, are a good choice. The athletic bottoms are as comfortable as your favorite cotton joggers, but with a more streetwear vibe. In the summer, you can wear them with a t-shirt or even a crop top.

4. Biker shorts are ideal for sunny days


Image Credits: Marie Claire

Biker shorts are similar to leggings, but are much more cropped. They're also available in a variety of prints and colors. This bottom looks great with every top in your wardrobe, they're perfect for daily looks. We've all seen the Kardashians in their signature shorts; it's their go-to look.

5. Stylish dresses are the perfect lazy day outfit to help you run out the door quickly but fashionably...


Image Credits: HelloMolly, AlysonHaley, ZahrahRose

If you're in a hurry and don't have time to pick out pants and a top, go for a flowy dress instead. A dress will be the perfect option on a hot summer day. Light and breezy, you can wear it with sandals to complete the look, or even your favorite pair of sneakers.

6. A set of comfortable and stylish loungewear


Image Credits: Instagram@fozaza , Zara, Billy J

If you like to spend your days in your comfortable pajamas, a loungewear set is the perfect option for you. It can be styled in a variety of ways. For a chic look, wear the whole set together, and add a few accessories. Alternatively, you can wear each piece separately. For instance, you might pair the top with your favorite pair of jeans. For the bottoms, pair the comfy pants with a crop top and your favorite sliders for a relaxed yet stylish look.

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