The graphic tee or logo t-shirt is a trend-less wardrobe item that is likely to exist in most of our wardrobes. It has however been made ‘cool’, and it pushed its owners and wearers out of the fashion victim zones in the last couple of years. We have big designer houses who are famous for their graphic tees like DIOR 'with their feminist T-shirt’s', Chanel and Gucci for their infamous very insta-popular logo T-shirt’s!


I am personally am a big fan of those T-shirt’s because it’s such an easy way to make a statement, express your interests, and show off your love for your favorite band or support for your team, all while still being very ‘fashionable’.

 There are so many ways you can wear your T-shirt’s, here are some of my favorites:

1. Wear it with just a denim skirt or trousers, and transition them into colder seasons with a leather jacket. 


2. Dress it up a little bit with a jacket, like this Chanel inspired tweed jacket with pearl buttons.


3. If you know me or have been following The Style Memoir on any of its platforms, you would know my love for blazers. So, of course, a blazer over your t-shirt is such a cool way of nailing the 3-piece rule (if you’re not familiar with it, keep an eye out for my upcoming articles.)




4. One of my favorite ways is to pair it with patterned bottoms. Polka dots, monochromatic checks, stripes and leopard prints are my favorites. 




5. Monochromatic slogan or graphic print on colored bottoms, mainly skirts of course, because I love them.



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6. The t-shirt doesn’t have to be white obviously! Color block and wear the Crayola trend too! 

7. Dress down a red, pink, blue or yellow suit with a t-shirt and a pair of trainers and for a smarter look, with a pair of heels! 


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