Fall is almost around the corner, and with a change of season comes the responsibility of changing up your closet. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change the entirety of it but purchase or discover garments that complement the next season. This is a preview on upcoming fall trends, and stuff we’d genuinely like to see this fall season.

1. Oh, for the love of plaid


Image credits: PinterestWhowhatwear

We know, plaid is already a staple in everyone’s Fall/Winter closets. However, the diversity of plaid really is underrated, there are so many prints, we’re sure that there are some we at least crave right? There are so many ways to wear plaid, it really is a staple in someone’s closet for when the weather gets a little chillier in general. This Fall we're seeing a lot of it, so you might as well spice it up and look for some cute, pleated plaids. These could be pants, jackets, coats or skirts (we’ve even started to seeing plaid tote bags, which are so cute!).

What we’d recommend: Start looking for plaid pants and continue from there, you could wear them as a daily staple, dressed up or down. Either way, you’ll find yourself to look like the rich foreign student who went to do her masters abroad and only has time to talk between her coffee and bakery runs.

2. Chunky/Platform boots


Image credits: PinterestDolls Kill X Bratz

I mean, look at them, they’re serving 90s-2000s Bratz doll/diva heaven and we’re living for it. We didn’t know we need them, but we do now. Chunky boots really are very seasonal, but their sister chunky sneakers are an all-year-round shoe staple this year, so why not give the boots a try. Whether or in whichever way you pair them, with a short or long skirt, a dress or with pants, they really give off a certain level of confidence.

What we’d recommend: Think about purchasing them first, they’re not very friendly for everyday use, but are so worth it. They alone could be a statement piece that makes entire outfit, so plan accordingly.

3. Sweater vests


Image credits: PinterestPinterest

Sweater vests are back, and we’re actually surprised by how cute they are suddenly. A very gender-neutral piece, you could even steal an oversized one from your partner’s closet. They’re so versatile, you could pull them off in so many ways. You could wear them as a top alone, or with either a matching jacket or a black one (color coordinate as you see right), or with pants or skirts.

What we’d recommend: Definitely try this one out. You could thrift really cool ones or find old ones that you didn’t know were at home. You could and should find new ones, with pretty or funky designs, we love the argyle one and the purple and green with brown combo is to die for.

4. Color block sweaters


Image credits: Olivia & Alice, ASOS

These have been making their way up for a couple seasons now, we saw them briefly at Zara and Bershka last fall, but they’re guaranteed to make an even bigger comeback now. They’re adorable and come in all the color combos you can think of some even with a cute pattern like the flower one above. Simple yet daring, we know we’ll be seeing these around.

What we’d recommend: Start shopping for these now, whilst we’re still in the hotter season, you can find some absolute steals in the cooler section of the stores, and for better prices too. Apart from that, you want a more diverse variation to choose from, so don’t think about what we’re telling you twice.

5. Cropped cardigans


Image credits: PinterestLoveShack Fancy

We saw these last year, in fact we wore them last year and we’re glad they’re here for us this year too, both spiritually and physically. These are so wearable, as a jacket/cardigan sort of thing, as a top alone, you could even loosen the last button to shape your waist a little bit (it sounds weird but it’s true). These will become a staple in all our wardrobes soon.

What we’d recommend: Find all the colors and prints you can, you can pair cropped cardigans with tops, or wear them as a top alone. Either way, this is a really cute and easy style to pull off.

6. Patchwork


Image credits: PinterestNordstrom

Ah, where do we begin? We’ve been seeing patchwork everywhere lately, on pants, tops, pullovers & sweaters, and even bags. Patchwork really is the concept we didn’t know we needed. They will leave you feeling like an artsy bombshell that retired from Pinterest early to stay at home and read books. A unique and inventive way of mixing textures and fabrics, you could even do your own D.I.Ys. Patchwork pants, we’ve been seeing the crochet version of them all summer on the beach.

What we’d recommend: Figure out which form of patchwork designs you’re interested in and can be applied or mixed well to your own closet. For example, would you prefer a patchwork bag, or pants?

7. Hold your flip phones, because velvet tracksuits are making a comeback


Image credits: WhowhatwearBohoo

The 2000s girl in me is screaming (let’s not comment on my age, it’s the thought that counts). Do we not vaguely remember begging our mums for Juicy Couture tracksuits when we were younger?Yes, we do. This is the cultural reset our fashion frenzied minds needed. Surprisingly, the velour tracksuits are back, apart from being super comfy are also the easiest thing to put on and go outside, literally. Juicy couture has been teasing new releases for a while and has several collections available online through platforms such as ASOS. However, Juicy Couture is not the only brand making these, we all know how vital athleisure wear in general has become, now many brands have been making their versions of the tracksuits.

What we’d recommend: This may be a very daring outfit for some, which is why you can dial it down. You don’t have to wear both parts of the set. You could also just invest in some athletic wear in general, but the velour tracksuits for us remain iconic.

Main image credits: Olivia & Alice, Pinterest