Are you wearing the correct bra size? Hey, you. Yes, you. You're probably wearing the wrong bra size! Don't be surprised, you're not alone, actually 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. That's why there's a very high chance you're not wearing the correct bra size and you would need a bra makeover in order to know the correct bra size for you.

So how did I know about this? During my last visit to La Vie en Rose, I was introduced to their Bra Clinic, a Bra 101 kind of thing, just like a crash course on everything bras, fit, material and support. Every woman should know her exact bra size, and that's what La Vie en Rose Bra Clinic is aiming for. The process is quite get to head with La Vie en Rose saleswoman to the fitting room, and with a special measuring tape she has (which she'll surround your boobs with), you'll get to know your correct bra size. Oh, and in case you didn't know, the numbers in your bra size indicate the band size, and the letters indicate the cup size.

Afterwards, you'll head with the same lady to the La Vie en Rose wall of fame, or so I called it. Racks and racks of bras and panties, lined up from the ceiling to the floor, where she'll guide you through and let you know about the pros of every bra type they've got, and which one will suit your body type best for the ultimate look. However, you should know that your bra size doesn't stay consistent, a woman's bra size changes up to six times during her lifetime due to various body changes, such as maternity, weight gain or loss. So, that bra you've had for years now should be replaced, pronto!

Throughout La Vie en Rose Bra Clinic, I also got to know the best way to wash your lingerie; hand-wash! Don't toss your bras into the washing machine, be kind to them and treat them gently by hand-washing them in cold water using detergent-free soap, and then lay them flat on a towel to dry.

Women have a love/hate relationship with their bras, you can't wait to take them off once you step home, but you can't live without them, so you might as well wear the correct (and pretty looking) bra size. Head to your nearest La Vie en Rose boutique in Cairo, Egypt, and they'll assist you to get the perfect bra. You'll also end up doing a little bit of shopping to update that lingerie drawer!