Now that the Met Gala 2018 is over, we are finally ready for some good old, and beautiful Cannes Festival fashion attires. The French festival started on May 8th and will last until the 19th. Cannes Festival has been always known for its classy vibes, celebrities usually try their best to adopt the French fashion style, and to be honest, they nail it. 

Cate Blanchette has been named Cannes 2018 head of the jury, so, you'll be seeing a lot of her because I am already in love with everything she wore, until now! 

What has been very significant about the Cannes 2018 fashion is the suits many celebrities chose to wear, and since it's summer, and they're at the French Riviera, the suits were colorful, very feminine, and 'Très Chic'! 

As for Penélope Cruz, she wore the suit in a very sexy, yet chic way. She replaced the pants with a high-waisted, high slit, nautical skirt! If you're wondering who's behind this gorgeous look, we'll tell you, it's Ralph Lauren.    


So, here are some quick tips to wear suits this summer like celebrities at Cannes 2018!

1. Wear them in pastel colors.

2. High slit skirts are a great replacement for the pants.

3. You can mix and match them with sportswear or shoes!