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22 Cozy Outfit Ideas to Wear at Your Christmas Gatherings

Mariam Youssef
12/3/22, 3:00 PM

Christmas gatherings and cozy outfits go hand in hand! Yes, you can totally dress up during the festive season, but, sometimes, you just want to chill and wear a cozy outfit at your family's Christmas gathering, right? Don't you worry! You can still do that in style. These 22 Christmas dinner outfits look like a lot more effort has been put in them because they're easy and comfy with a touch of glamor for the holidays. 

Do you want to know what to wear for Christmas 2023? Just scroll below, and you'll find 22 cozy Christmas outfit ideas...

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A Red Sweater

We guess no one can ever be tired of the classic Christmas red sweater. It’s an easy way to feel and look festive without having to think too much about it. You can wear it with simple black pants and accessorize with cute boots and statement jewelry. You can also pair it with an animal print skirt or your favorite jeans.


Statement Skirt/Pants

To add a touch of festivity to a comfy cozy Christmas outfit, you can pair your sweater with a statement skirt or pants. Sequin or striped skirts can look amazing and Christmas-y. You can also go for a satin green skirt or patterned pants!

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Neutral Christmas outfits

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If you're not into Christmas colors or just colors in general, you can still look festive with neutral shades. You can add a touch of red with your bag or lipstick if you want. However, wearing something with a touch of sparkle or accessorizing with something festive can bring more joy to your outfit and make it different from how it looks on usual days.

Green/Red Outfits

The best thing about Christmas is that it makes you feel truly special and happy and, sometimes, you may feel like you want to show that off even in your outfit. Nothing screams festivities louder than red and green. Combine both colors or wear them separately; the choice is yours.

Christmas Sweater Outfits

Christmas sweaters speak volumes when it comes to celebrating this time of year. They are the coolest and most festive choice of clothing. You can pair them with any type of pants, shorts, or skirts to dress them up or down.

Plaid Outfits

There is something Christmas-y and jolly about the plaid pattern that we cannot exactly determine. Maybe it’s the combination of Christmas colors or the fact that it’s associated with Christmas. Anyhow, plaid outfits are usually comfy and festive and you can wear them in several ways. You can go with plaid skirts for a cute, girly outfit or you can simply put on a plaid scarf to complete the look. You can also rock a full plaid suit and tone it down with a black turtleneck.

We’re all about comfort and coziness, especially when it comes to clothing. Choose whichever option that makes you feel comfortable and happy. We’re sure that anything you’ll wear will look phenomenal. Merry Christmas!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @sorayabakhtiar


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