A diet, cutting down on carbs, or exercising aren't the only things you can do to look slimmer. Here are a few fashionable tips to take into consideration when getting dressed...

1. Know Your Body Type 

Your first step to dress smartly is to determine your body shape, so you can hide the fuller parts of your body. Most women's bodies mimic one of a few basic shapes; triangle, inverted triangle, round, diamond or hourglass. The trick with any body shape is to keep your upper and lower body parts balanced by wearing the right colors and styles to hide any imperfections most of us have.

2. Forget Oversized Clothes

The biggest misconception ever, is that wearing wide clothes helps; on the contrary it makes you look fuller. Wear clothes that fit you perfectly and pick items that draw the attention away from the parts you don't want to emphasize. For example, wearing a top or jacket with feminine accessories like pins directs the attention towards the accessories rather than your body. Start loving V-neck tops as they take the attention away from the waist.

3. Try Mono-color Schemes

We all know that wearing all-black is the one of the best and oldest tricks of looking slim, but the good news is you can get a similar effect if you choose to wear the same color hue up and down, as it makes the eye look at the body length rather than the width. It creates a long vertical line feel, so you end up looking slimmer.

4. Stick to Knee Length

If you are skirt or a dress lover, avoid very long or very short lengths, as both will not help since they don’t match perfectly with different body shapes. Knee-length skirts are the most flattering and among the best styles for a full framed body.

5. Opt for Heavier Fabrics

Very light or cheap fabrics cling to your body curves, and hence highlight the imperfections. Opt for heavier fabrics such as cotton or tweed which hang well on your skin and look neat.

6. Play it Smart With Accessories 

If you wear the right accessories, they can really help you look thinner. For instance, long necklaces draw attention away from hips. Chest bibs and big earrings draw attention to your face rather than to your waist. Catchy bracelets and rings take the eye from the upper arm part and direct the focus to the wrists. 

7. Go for Thin Belts

Don’t be afraid to wear a thin belt with your dress or top. It defines your waist in a smooth way. Depending on your body type, you might want to stay away from wide belts as they cut you in half and make you look stumpy. 

8. Wear Fitted Lingerie

Avoid lingerie that offers no support. Every single component of your undergarments should be fitting you perfectly; too tight or too loose won’t help you achieve the desired look. 

9. Embrace Bold Patterns

Fuller women tend to shy away from bold prints or bright colors. Designers who work with the plus size segment advise that wearing bold patterns directs the eye to focus on the model and colors rather than the body shape, so enjoy and get yourself a couple of new statement pieces.

10. Heels Do the Trick

Heels create a good posture and help you appear taller and hence slimmer. When high heels join forces with knee length skirts or dresses, they successfully narrow a curvy shape by making the body look longer. Heels that are extremely high may make a woman look off-balance, so it works best to wear heels not higher than nine centimeters.

11- Invest in Shape-wear

While wearing tight shape-wear frequently is not recommended, keeping one or two light shape-wear in your dressing room will cause no harm. You can keep them for certain occasions, or wear them underneath certain outfits. As long as you don’t heavily depend on them, they will be useful when appropriately used.

12. Avoid Details on Certain Areas

If you have excess weight on your hips, avoid trousers with much details such as pockets or embellishments.

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